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Crayola Case Creator by Griffin Technology

crayolacasecreatorBrush up your artistic skills and give your iPhone or iPod a mind blogging makeover with the Crayola Case Creator. This marvelous Case Creator has been launched by Griffin Technology along with Crayola. Griffin Technology is the global pioneer of innovations, which are applicable in daily life.

Crayola is the brand which has introduced many creative products in to the market to its credit. Crayola Case Creator can also be a perfect summer gift for honing up the creative artistic strokes of your little ones. They can create their own masterpiece cover for your iPhone which you can flaunt in front of your friends and sure, it will be one of a kind as your iPhone or iPod cover will be unique.

Crayola Case Creator is a combo involving two primary components: a protective case and a software application. The Case is mainly meant for protecting your iPhone or iPod device from the external scratches and rough surfaces as it is a clear protective hard shell case as the Case Creator application will enrich the look of your device by displaying signature art works. In simple terms, the Crayola Case Creator protects your iPhone and iPod without sacrificing its external beauty. If you are using any other hard protective case, then only the outer surface of the case will be visible making it boring and dull. However, if you are protecting your device with Crayola Case Creator, then you can avail two things at one shot: Protection as well as external beauty.

Using the case creator application, you can let loose your imagination and can draw it in the case cover or you can also capture good snaps or grab one of the best snaps from your photo album and can customize it the way you want. Sure, it will grab the eyeball of the onlookers. It will protect your iOS device simultaneously giving you some personal satisfaction as you feel happy inside for flaunting your creative skills.

The Crayola Case Creator application is supporting many operations like adding more pictures, resizing and manipulating digital stickers to photos, or draw in Doodle mode with the app’s built-in crayons, paints and pens. This surely will bring out the artist in you. The art works that you created using the application can be even printed and inserted after altering its size into the clear case. You can even exhibit your artworks by saving it in the gallery and can share it further on the social networking sites for the world to enjoy.

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