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Create A Pricebook

While using coupons is one way to save money on your shopping bills, it isn’t the only way. Coupons when combined with sales and strategic shopping can cut over half of your shopping expenses – that’s why we love coupons! Have you paid attention to the fluctuations of prices at your local grocery stores? Do you know when sales are likely to come about? That’s where a pricebook can be your secret weapon.

What’s a pricebook? This question is asked by many people who have never heard of the concept. Savvy coupon shoppers will just smile and pull out a huge binder full of lists. This type of huge pricebook can overwhelm the newbie coupon shopper, sometimes to the point that they just give up on the idea of a pricebook.

Don’t be a quitter! Using a pricebook along with your sales and coupon strategy can net you savings that rival those of the ‘extreme coupon shoppers’! It isn’t a pipedream to think that you can actually save 50% to 70% on your shopping trips.

A pricebook is a binder or folder that has the regular prices of items you normally buy. You don’t have to spend your days going from store to store, peering at the prices on each item, then writing them down into reams of notebook paper. The simplest way to build a comprehensive pricebook is to keep all of you receipts. That’s it – just keep the receipts from your shopping trips, then check the prices. Circles the sale prices in red, this way you will know which price is the regular rate.

After you have determined the regular price of the things you use, you can begin to write the prices down. Your receipts will show a trend – every few weeks you will see a sale on certain items. Once you write down the regular price, beside this entry add in a note that lets you know when sale cycles occur. This could be 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4 weeks. Shop for the sale items during the sales cycles.

Your pricebook can really benefit by having ‘pocket pages’. These are found in office supply stores and are pretty cheap. Place these pocket pages between the sections of your pricebook/binder. Use them to hold coupons for the sales cycles!

One final tip for using your pricebook – when your Sunday newspaper arrives with coupons, put the coupon circular aside for about 4 weeks. You can place the folded circular inside your pricebook, but you will notice that the sales cycles on items will be about 3 to 4 weeks after the coupon circular comes out. By keeping the circular inside your pricebook, preferably in a pocket, you will always have savings on hand.