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Creating Unique Halloween Decorations

If everyone knew how easy it was to create their own unique Halloween decorations, everyone would be doing it! You don’t have to shell out a ton of cash to create beautiful Halloween decorations, either. You can do it on a budget.

Below are some ideas to spark your creativity and help you pull of some of the most amazing and unique decorations you’ve ever seen.

  • Take Inventory of What You Already Have. Spice up the items you already have from years past and make it look new again. A fresh coat of paint, some glitter, and fun lights can completely transform drab, boring decorations from years gone by. Check out these deals from Lowes and stock up on all the things you need for your transformation.


  • Convert Items that Aren’t Necessarily Halloween. Paint pretty picture frames and old bottles black. Glue skeletons around a mirror to “frame” it. Paint a Christmas village in dark, spooky colors. Spray paint fake flowers and small trees black. You probably have a million items tucked away somewhere that you are no longer using and could convert to Halloween decor. You just have to look for it, pull it out, and make it new again.


  • Footprints and Handprints can Easily be Turned into Fun Halloween Pictures for Decorating. Turn white footprints into ghosts, green footprints can become Frankenstein, black handprints can become spiders. The sky is the limit! Get on pinterest and do a quick search for Halloween handprint crafts. You’ll love everything that comes up.
  • Buy from Bulk Stores. Thanks to promo codes here on PromosPro, you can find lots of great discounts on items from stores like BJs. Most people don’t think of buying their Halloween decorations from bulk stores, so they typically have a large selection and more items available. Not to mention, if you’re having a party, bulk stores are the best place to get absolutely everything you need from food to plates and cups and even decor. Get it all done in just one shot!
  • Don’t forget Outside! When thinking about Halloween decor, don’t just focus on the inside of your house. More people will see the outside of your house than the insides, so get creative outside. Hay bales, scarecrows, pumpkins, lights, ghosts hanging from the trees… there is a plethora of things you can do outside to give your neighbors a little spook.


Unique Halloween decor doesn’t have to be ugly or out there. It’s simple to achieve whatever look you prefer at whatever price you want to pay. If you have more ideas for creating a unique look for Halloween, let me know.