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Creative Ways to Garden When You Don’t Have Land

Do you love the idea of growing your own produce but don’t have the land to do it? If so, there are creative ways you can have a bountiful garden even if you are lacking land. I found a great selection of patio gardening products at the Home Depot that make it easy for anyone to show off their green thumb no matter where they live. Check out these innovative products that will let you have the garden you have been dreaming about.

Deck or porch rail planters are a great choice for planting things like herbs and flowers. There are several kinds of railing planters available in a variety of colors. The Bloomers Series railing planters by Emsco are 24” long and sit on top of railings that are 5.5” or wider. They are made of a durable resin and have ribs at the bottom to drain water.

Another nice railing planter is the 18” Peppercorn Plastic Modica Rail Planter. This planter fits rails from 2” to 6” wide and has an outside diameter of 18” for great soil capacity. It offers a large planting area and features a water containment system with overflow drainage to keep whatever you plant happy and healthy all season long.

Finally, a railing planter that really knows how to maximize space. The 21” long, 4-Piece Terra Cotta Plastic Milano Rail Modular Planter works on any 4” or 6” rail or it can be used on the deck or against a wall. This setup lets you have more plants in a small footprint of space.

Turn your patio into a garden with the Little Pickers 24-1/2” Patio Garden Kit. This kit features a self-contained watering system that automatically waters your plants and has drainage holes to prevent over watering. This kit is designed for growing fruits and vegetables and comes with a user-friendly guide designed to interact with kids and get them involved with growing their favorite plants.

The Keter Raised Patio Garden Bed lets you garden without stooping or kneeling down so you can avoid knee and back strain. It is 30” long and features a self-watering system with an easy-to-read water gauge. It even comes with a seed starting tray to get you started on your growing adventure.

Another idea that really maximizes a small footprint of space is the Gronomics 32” by 45” by 9” Vertical Garden. Garden features a drip line irrigation system that allows you to water less and enjoy growing more. Made of 100% western red cedar with an exclusive 5-year warranty this garden has 17 ft. of linear growing space in just 2 sq. ft. of space!

It seems that you can garden anywhere thanks to these innovative products! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get back to nature.