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Creditcard Safty For Online Shopping

When you shop online your safety is the highest concern. There are unscrupulous people that will steal your credit card information and use it as their own. While most websites use security measures to be sure that customer information is protected, there are unscrupulous individuals that use wifi devices to steal your information.

Public wifi hotspots can be a dangerous place for your private information. If you do any online shopping while using a public wifi hotspot, do not use your real credit card and if possible, have deliveries sent to a package handler like the UPS Store. This will protect your credit card account and your home address from people that steal personal information via wifi. You cannot be sure that a wifi hotspot is secure and you should always assume there is someone that will use your personal information for their own gain.

Another security option is to use a pre-paid credit card for all online purchases. These cards need to have a deposit made in order for you to use them for purchases. Think of a pre-paid credit card as a virtual bank account without fear of overdrafts. These cards cannot be overdrafted as they will only allow the amount available to be withdrawn.

Always keep your passwords for online credit card safe. Some credit card companies off what is known as virtual credit card numbers. These virtual credit cards are generated by the online credit card account and are different for each purchase. Some change one a day or when specified by the credit card holder. Like pre-paid credit cards they cannot be overdrafted and no one can use the virtual cards unless they gain access to your credit card account. Always keep your passwords for online credit card websites safe and hard for anyone to hack or guess.

Do not buy any item via email. Sending your personal information through email is never a good idea. Emails are not secure and if your information ends up in the wrong hands you may have fraudulent charges on your account. Instead, look for payment gateways like PayPal. This online payment system allows you to make purchases at many retailers online and can be linked to your credit card or bank account. PayPal will monitor your account for strange charges and if something strange occurs, your account will be locked for your safety. You have zero liability for fraudulent charges with PayPal, plus you have ‘buyer protection’. This means that if a retailer doesn’t live up to their agreement, you receive a refund.

Your personal information is important. Always be sure to protect it when you are shopping online. Be wary of any retailer that does not offer a secure way to pay for your items. By following our tips you can enjoy shopping online safely!