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Current Trends In Kitchen Design

a kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It is one room in the house that is used on a regular and frequent basis. Today, designing a kitchen involves more than just functionality. Kitchens also have to be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Can it be possible? It is not only possible but the current trends in designing kitchens have made it easier too. You don’t need to spend a fortune in upgrading your kitchen as these trends are very low budget:

kitchen design

1. Comfort and practicality: The current trend in kitchens involves creating a comfortable space, with bold details. The practical aspect enters when trying to meet specific design challenges. For example, if your kitchen area is quite small, then painting your kitchen cabinet in all white or a lighter color will create the illusion of space and brightness. If the view from kitchen window is a noisy and busy street, then you might consider installing stained glass windows. Sometimes kitchens have very limited storage space, so in this case you might consider installing a backsplash with a metal rod affixed to the wall, so that you may display your utensils.

2. Flexible and Entertaining Spaces: One of the hottest kitchen trends for 2013, is an open concept kitchen that also functions as an entertainment area. The traditional use of a kitchen is being redefined to include an area where food is prepared, served, amidst an interactive and entertaining setting. Centre islands are becoming a popular trend as well. They are used for cooking, and as a buffet counter, which would be especially useful for parties. With this in mind, kitchen renovations today, involve more than simply changing the color of walls or tiles or appliances. It actually involves taking down walls, which used to separate the dining and cooking areas. Since both sexes are now involved in food prep, the design of kitchens has moved away from the typical country style. It now includes modern design with sleek finishes, in either wood or metal.

3. Technology in the Kitchen: Kitchens are now being designed with multiple outlets, so that you can easily plug in your laptop, or charge your cell phone while doing the culinary. Since it has also become a social space, where most of the leisure hours are spent, kitchens are also equipped with WiFi connections. Family members can now use their smartphones, laptops or other computing devices in the kitchen. So you can now enjoy the company of your kids while you do your chores.

4. Color Trends: In the past, kitchens were usually painted in whites or bold shades. Since the role of a kitchen has now changed to include rest and relaxation, spa-influenced palettes, such as pastels and calming colors are more popular.

5. Other Kitchen Trends For 2013: Modern kitchens have a exquisite feel to them. Deep basin-like sinks, many modern appliances, espresso makers and a clean work surface are all part of the current trend. Color contrasts are also quite prevalent. For example, if your cabinetry is a dark shade of mahogany, then your paint would be very pale and bright. Counter tops made from granite are no longer popular. Stone counter tops seem to be gaining interest of designers all over the world. Many kitchens now utilize environmentally friendly materials to redesign their kitchens.

With new design trends looming in 2013, the role of kitchen has undergone drastic changes from being a place for just cooking, to a place of food prep, entertaining and an area for family gathering.

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