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Cute and Affordable Workout Gear from Fabletics

Trying to get in shape for 2017? We support you 100%! We know how hard it is to actually keep resolutions—sometimes the best motivation is to invest in your own, continued success.

That’s why we’ve created a roundup of some of the cutest clothes from Fabletics, a workout clothier co-founded by Kate Hudson. Not only are their pieces fashion-forward and high quality, but they also happen to be super cheap with membership.

Right now, they have a sale going on where you can get your first two-piece outfit for $10 when you sign up for a VIP membership. That’s insane savings. Every month after that, the price for these outfits goes up to $49.95–which is still a steal. But, you don’t have to order every single month. Just log in and opt out before the fifth, and you won’t get charged a thing.

This $10 offer is the biggest sale they run, and it’s only for a limited time. This initial VIP signup also comes with heavy discounts on their other products and packages. Let’s take a look.

$10 VIP Membership Outfits at Fabletics


These two-piece ensembles typically come with a top and leggings, though you will sometimes see a sports bra paired with leggings. The tops at Fabletics usually have interesting details—especially on the back. Twisted, strappy or open, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill workout gear.

$25 VIP Membership Outfits at Fabletics


The nature of the $10 pieces means that you’ll usually need to purchase a third piece separately—whether that be a tank or a bra—to cover up or offer support. Not so with the $25 options. You can see the Adeline option offers full coverage with a hoodie top, and the Dallis option offers full support with a bra built into the tank.

$35 VIP Membership Outfits at Fabletics


If you want to get a full ensemble, the intro price of $35 for a 3-piece set is a good way to go. These outfits feature a lot of the same options as the $10 packages, but add a third piece so you don’t have to purchase a bra or cover-up tank separately.

2 for $24 Leggings at Fabletics


These leggings usually go for $49.95 each, and they’re worth their regular price. You won’t have any Lululemon situations—regardless of your body type.

But when you purchase them in your first order, you can get two of any of the above styles in whatever print you want for just $24.

Discounted Sports Bras at Fabletics


We love the innovative designs of Fabletics’ sports bras. They come with built-in hoodies, full coverage so they can be worn independently as tanks or zippers so you can easily get it on without stretching it over your shoulders.

The designs above range from $14.97-$17.97 when you make your first order as a VIP member.

Be wise in your purchase, though. There are other options that have really cute backs with intricately weaved straps, but they offer little support. While this might be okay for a yoga session, it likely won’t be adequate for a full cardio workout.