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Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here! Are you as excited as I am? Pumpkins, costumes, candy, and fun galore are just a couple of weeks away. I can’t wait.

Today, let’s talk about some cute costume ideas for families, pets, babies, and kids and where to find them.

Family Halloween costumes are my favorite. When my husband and I first started having kids, we always went with a family theme for our Halloween costumes. One year, we were a superhero family. My husband purchased his costume from a Costume rental store that was going out of business. He looked as good as any Batman in the movie. The 3 kids we had then wore either Superman, Supergirl, or baby Batman costumes. I decided to hand make my costume, though, and I was Super Mom. (Little did I know, all these years later, that I’d be a mom to 8 kids. The title has just stuck with me all these years later, although, truth be told, I prefer Wonder Woman.) 😉 Anyway, that was the best year for family Halloween costumes. (To learn more about the many different superheroes and to stock up on any kind of supplies you may need, check out the promo codes for Marvel items and make your costume the best ever!)

When the kids got older, and as we added more kids, we stuck with theme costumes for just the kids. One year, they were characters from Peter Pan, the next year, they were characters from the Wizard of Oz. They were absolutely adorable, and the pictures I took are some that I will treasure forever.

You don’t have to stick with a theme for your kids, though. That was just what we opted to do because I get a little crazy at Halloween time. Now that my kids are all older, and there are so many of them, we just can’t do that any more. (Well, that, and we live in the mountains now and they don’t know what Trick or Treating is down here, so it’s not worth dressing up.)

costumesThe kids who are still in school, though, do still get to wear costumes around Halloween. The schools refer to it as “Book Character Day,” though, so each costume has to be related to a character in a book. (Luckily, there are lots and lots of books on the market!) It is a fun way to pick a theme, and we love finding a new book and all the costume supplies we’ll need at our local Walmart. (Be sure to check that link for all of the promo codes to save you more money. You might be able to save big by ordering everything you need online this year.)

This year, have fun picking out costumes for your kids and your pets. For your children, think about things they like to do – favorite cartoons, book characters, and things they absolutely love. The sky is the limit for fun costumes for kids. If they’re too little to have any likes or dislikes yet, you can easily just buy a cute little pair of Halloween pajamas.

pet costumes
And, for your furkids, be sure to check out the promo codes for Petsmart and get them an absolutely adorable costume. The hardest thing you’ll face is the decision on which costume to buy!