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Cutting Cable Cost

If you’re bundling your cable, you might see bills over $200 a month. That feels like a lot. “Cutting the cord” as it’s become known, is not a viable option, not just for the tech savvy. In fact, your cable bill is probably going up because less people are using it. If you’re wondering how to cut your monthly cost, there are a dozen ways to do it. Here are a few:

The first thing you can do is go to Slate.com and check their cost cutting calculator. This has the entire layout of every possible option. But here is the summary.

Streaming Options

Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix are the most popular cost effective options. Both cost just under $100 per year. Both offer movies, television, and even original series. However, on Amazon Prime and Hulu, you have to pay for newer “just out” movies. On Netflix, they may not be available for streaming–only delivery.

Apple TV is a streaming option, but quite a bit more expensive while still being relatively cheaper at $365 per year. What it gets you that the others don’t is access to basic cable networks like CBS, ABC, and Fox. This is right for you if giving up your nightly news is not an option.


Another option is to cut back to basic cable and pay for one of the above streaming options. You’ll still be saving bundles, but allowing yourself the option to watch premium shows. HBO series, like Game of Thrones, will be available on Netflix, Prime, or iTunes, but you’ll be watching the previous season while everyone else is watching the new season.

Dish Network’s streaming service Sling TV offers a slew of more than basic stations, like TBS, AMC, ABC Family, A&E, and more for about $20 per month to add to either basic cable, or Hulu’s basic subscription (plus or minus a few add-ons).

If you can’t live without HBO (and who can?), add the new HBO Now streaming option to your Netflix or Prime subscription for $15 per month. Most cable companies charge an extra $20 for HBO, anyway.


Yes, we said antennas. A free indoor antenna will cost about $10 per month and give access to free network content. If the only shows you really need are the news, network sports, the Oscars, and the Superbowl, this is all you need. But, you have to skip “on demand” extras or HD.

Sports Add-ons

For the sport fans, add on services costing between $70 and $125 per year. This can add up if you’re getting multiple packages. But, you can also pay per month depending on the season. Check out: NFL Rewind ($69.99 per year), Choice NBA League Pass ($125 per year), and MLB TV ($109 per year).