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Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Thanksgiving is over, and now the focus is on the holiday season, and the joy of gift-giving. Although many love to give gifts this time of year. there is a certain sting to the wallet after all is said and done. Gift-giving doesn’t have to leave your bank account in the red zone. With a few simple tricks, you’ll be on your way to saving tons of money, and you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season. Shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a great way to score major deals on the season’s hottest gifts.

Get early access to the best deals around by signing up for store newsletters. Hundreds of stores offer their club or rewards members early access to tremendous sale prices, before the retail consumer. You can browse thousands of deals on your favorite stores and brands’ websites before Cyber Monday. Take notice of the prices on the items you really want to buy. Some stores will offer deals all week long, so be sure to check daily for even more great deals on hot holiday gifts.
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Get a head start. The day before the sale goes live, go ahead and place the items you want to purchase in your online shopping cart. Not every site will hold the items in your cart, but some sites like Amazon have a save for later feature that will allow you to go back and purchase without having to search for the items all over again. Some sites will only hold items in your cart for up to a certain time, so if it’s something you really want, you may have to wait until the day of the sale, and then purchase quickly, so as not to lose the item to someone else.

Make sure you have a backup plan. In the event that you are unable to find the items you really wanted to purchase, it’s a good idea to have an alternative item in mind. Items may be out of stock online, or become temporarily unavailable. You can check the stock of store locations nearby, if you’re willing to drive to a store to pick up your purchase. You may be able to purchase an item online, and then pick it up directly in the retail store. This will actually save you some money, because you won’t have to pay extra for shipping and handling.

Shop with friends. Have a hot item that you and your friends or family members are all hoping to purchase? Have each person be responsible for locating and purchasing specific items. Be sure to keep the cost in mind, and make sure you’ll be able to afford purchasing multiple items at the sale price. Some stores have rules and limits as to how many of one item you can purchase. Be on the lookout for limitation signs while you shop or as you checkout. Parceling out the shopping this way will save you valuable time, and just might be the ticket to getting the items you’re really hoping to purchase.

Keep shipping costs in mind. Look for free shipping deals and save where you can. Lots of sites like Oshkosh B’gosh will  be offering free shipping site-wide on Cyber Monday. Depending on where you live and general shipping costs, you could save up to $8.00 on average per shopping order!

Making a plan and sticking with it will really help you out as you shop for terrific deals on Cyber Monday, and during deals week.