Date Night Ideas for Cold Weather

The holiday season has officially kicked off. Those pumpkin displays have already given way to turkeys and Christmas trees. Before we get caught up planning menus, baking cookies and preparing gift lists let’s set aside a little time to snuggle up with the ones we love. Here are a few date night ideas to help you celebrate one another before the big holiday celebrations begin!

Hot Chocolate Picnic


Print a map, tuck it in an envelope and ask your significant other to meet you for a sunset picnic. Pack some scrumptious goodies, snacks, sandwiches and hot chocolate. Don’t forget to bring mini-marshmallows, peppermint, chocolate shavings, whipped cream and cookies for dipping. Starbucks Store makes a tasty Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix. If the weather is particularly chilly bring along soft mittens and scarves. Find a comfy spot, set out your blanket and spend some quality time cuddled up together.

Hockey Game


Have you ever been to a professional hockey game? Gather your cold weather gear, bundle up and search for discounted hockey tickets. Watching hockey is quite an experience especially if you can score tickets to a rivalry game. Surprise your significant other with a NHL Shop and a set of tickets tucked in the same box. Then spend the evening munching on hot dogs, pretzels and beer. Even the nose bleed seats are fun in hockey arenas so prepare to cozy up together and cheer!

Cooking Classes


Have you always wanted to learn to make your own pasta, prepare sushi or bake a pie? Does your significant other like to cook with you or at the very least enjoy eating whatever you make? Why not sign up for cooking classes where you can learn to cook side-by-side? The best part of this date is the knowledge you’ll carry forward. Just think how often you can use that take home recipe for future candlelight dinners.

Netflix Night


Record a few episodes of your favorite television show and set aside time to watch them all in one sitting. Have you always wanted to see Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, but never found the time to plop on the couch to watch them? Pick a cold night, pop some popcorn, find a soft blanket and cuddle up together. If you find a particularly interesting series you might turn one date night into many. Just meet back on the same couch one week later and watch a few more episodes.

Indoor Rock Climbing


When the weather is warm its easy enough to run outside, paddle out in a kayak or go swimming, but what do you do when the temperatures hover near freezing? Why not move the fun indoors? Would your significant other be interested in a session of downward dog? Many gyms offer couple rates so call around and see what courses might be offered. Indoor rock climbing can be a lot of fun for couples. Race each other to the top of a wall or cheer each other on when you conquer a difficult obstacle.

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying an evening together. There are many fun date night activities that can be enjoyed indoors.