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Deals to Take Advantage of on President’s Day


President’s Day is here, and it’s a smart time to take advantage of all of the spectacular sales that are going on. After the holidays, many folks wait until President’s Day weekend to make major purchases on items like home appliances, vehicles, office needs, electronics, clothing and more. As much as there are great sales to check out, there are definitely some items you’ll want to bypass purchasing during this sale. Here’s the inside scoop on what you should and shouldn’t consider buying.

President’s Day is the perfect time to check out deals on appliances for the home. SearsOutlet will be offering 60% off on side by side refrigerators and will have similar deals going on for deep freezers, ranges, and more. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your appliances, this is a great time to do so. Washers and dryers are another pair of products to watch out for over President’s Day weekend. If you’re in the market for one or the other, but like the idea of a matching pair, you might consider donating the old set to a local charity. You could also try to make some quick cash by selling them within your community or placing a free ad online via social media.


Have you been thinking about remodeling or updating your home’s decor? You’ll be able to find a multitude of deals on furniture, matresses, and home accents. If your mattress is over eight years old, it’s time to think about replacing it. An old, out of shape mattress can lead to problems sleeping, and can cause alignment issues for your body. Many people who delay purchasing a new mattress when they need to wind up having sleep issues, or back problems. Which would you rather spend money on- a new mattress, or continued trips to the Chiaropractor? Just as a mattress can quickly become worn out withing just a handful of years, so can a couch or  a comfy chair. Kids and pets can do a number on the furniture, so it’s a good idea to replace or refresh some of your key pieces every ten years or so. La-z-Boy will be offering a 50% off furniture sale through the weekend.

Looking to stock up on clothing and accessories? This is the time to look for winter gear, coats, boots, and more! Go ahead and plan for next year. Stock up on winter essentials for the whole family and tuck them away for next year. Don’t bother spending money on spring and summer fashions yet, though. These pieces are new to store shelves, and they won’t go on sale until much later in the season.


If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your electronics, now is the time. From smartphones to televisions and home theater equipment, you can do some major damage at your favorite electronic stores like Best Buy. The sales are so good right now, you’ll want to upgrade everything! Thinking ahead to next Christmas already? You’re not alone! Take advantage of deals on electronics from Best Buy, like $14.99 off the GoPro Hero 5. You’ll save a ton of money and you’ll be ahead of the game for the next holiday season!