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Decor for the Fourth

It doesn’t have to be July 4th to show your patriotism. Whether you’re having party or not, it’s always a nice idea to show your patriotism this summer and all the time. You don’t have to be a Pinterest queen to do something cute, fun, and appealing. You don’t have to be super crafty or spend much–in fact, our first few ideas come straight from your neighborhood Home Depot!

One simple idea is to amp up your outdoor decor. If you’re in the market, start with colors that work with festive throw pillows and other accents. The fact is that red, white, and blue work all summer long. This is as simple as using the right throw pillows on top of a neutral cushion. And make no mistake! Red and blue are neutrals! Home Depot has a great selection of throw pillows and other accents.

Pretty and patriotic, we love it!:

Another great way to make a statement is with an American Flag. Cabelas has beautiful American flags that are durable and long lasting. We also love the classic American flag bunting that looks so traditional and classy. The image below gives modern twist to the classic look. A properly displayed flag looks classy all year long. Don’t forget to light it at night using an inexpensive solar spotlight.

And don’t forget about the flowers. There are so many simple, inexpensive ways to do a Fourth of July look. You do not have to buy kitchsy looking tie-dyed flowers. Instead, get what naturally occurs in nature. Below is a really pretty, classic looking option. We love white hydrangeas accented by a few red roses as an arrangement. Get creative with vases by using pales, or wrapping vases in burlap or festive ribbon. Check out awesome deals, like 15% off Fourth flowers from 1800Flowers. You can always go silk, but there sure is something special about fresh cut flowers. What other better way to celebrate summer than to cut from your own garden!

And finally, we are obsessed with this project. You can get the materials for this at your local Home Depot, too. It’s a DIY wood pallet American Flag. It goes in or outdoors and looks natural, patriotic, and plain cool. Hang it or lean it against an outdoor structure or tree in your front yard.