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Decorate Your House for Thanksgiving Without Overspending

Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner. While it’s a little too early to start cooking the food, it’s not too early to start decorating the house. Adding a little November, harvest vibe to the whole setting will make your house feel more welcoming this time of year. And, not just for the guests, but for you, too!
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If you want to deck the halls a little early for this holiday, Promospro can help. Here are some tips as well as where you can save money on all the decor!

Thanksgiving, decorations, save money, holiday

Outside the house

No, you don’t need to put a giant inflatable turkey on your lawn to make it more welcoming for Thanskgiving. But, there are other, simpler ways to decorate without going overboard or overspending. You can get what you need for your front lawn from Shop Terrain. Putting some wreaths on your front door is a good place to start. If you have a step going up to the door, you can decorate the sides with harvest baskets filled with some flowers or plastic fruits and vegetables. Add some decals to your windows. You could also get a harvest-themed door mat that guests will see when they arrive.

Thanksgiving, decorations, holidays

Inside the house

There are endless ways to decorate the interior of your house for the holidays. But, we’ll give you a few pointers so you can save time and money. After all, you already have to cook, why make it more difficult on yourself? To set the scene, you can hang a cute “Happy Thanksgiving” banner along your fireplace, and add some decorations to the mantle to give it that cozy fall flavor. Goedeker’s will have what you need at a good price.

Thanksgiving, decorations, holiday, save money

Prep the table

The table is where most of the action happens on Thanksgiving Day. We’re not saying you need to order new dishes and silverware. Of course, plastic cutlery will also be a little too hard to cut the turkey with. So, you’ll have to make do with what you already have. But, using any solid-colored dishes will allow you to make the rest of the table pop.

Start with the tablecloth. You could get a fun Turkey Day tablecloth, but if you want to keep things a fancier, then go for fall color or neutral color. Add nice napkins that either match the tablecloth or are white or beige with gold or silver trimming. If you want to be really unique, make personalized place settings for family and friends by ordering labels from Mabel’s Labels

Thanksgiving, decorations, holidays

Create your centerpieces

So, you have the table halfway done. But, one of the things that really makes that table stand out are centerpieces that are holiday themed. There’s no wrong or right way to do your centerpieces. People can choose from a variety of different options. You can go for candles, potpourri, a cornucopia, flowers, pumpkins, and gords…whatever looks best in your dining room. To get some inspiration and save money on your centerpieces, visit Bed Bath and Beyond.

Make your house as welcoming as possible this Thanksgiving holiday, without spending too much money on those decorations!