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Dell Story and Review


He was only 19 years old when he founded PC’s Limited. Michael Dell was a university pre-med freshman with a new vision. It was 1984 and this future doctor gave that all up to build his first turbo PC which was completed in 1985. This computer featured an Intel 8088 processor at 8MHz, 10MB hard drive and 5.25″ floppy drive. That was state of the art in 1985.

Dell‘s risk free returns and next-day home product assistance set the trend for customer service and service warranty. In 1986 Dell unveiled the fastest PC of its time with a 12MHz processor and opened their first international branch in the UK in 1987.

After only four years with a company that started with $1000 dollars Dell saw an increase of over $85M. That made Dell one of the fastest growing companies ever.

Their first laptop was built in 1989 and in 1993 they become known as one of the top five computer systems makers in the world. Micheal also was known to be the youngest fortune 500 member ever when he was inducted into that prestigious league in 1992.

Rated number one not only in the US but worldwide as leading PC brand, leading PCs for medium and large business Dell set the pace for other leading brands. Further to this achievement, in 1996 their website was raking in $1M in sales per day! Wow, isn’t that something! But wait, in 2000 their internet sales went to not $2M, not $5M but a whopping $40M per day. Isn’t that awesome!

This company has such rich history that I can’t all list their achievements here. But what I will tell you is that according to Gartner Inc, Dell became the No. 1 healthcare information technology services provider in the world in 2012 with over 300 industry awards.

Dell has their own review center where customers leave feedback about their services and products. When I visited the center I had to wear sunglasses for all the stars that dazzled my eyes. Of all the products listed there were only three products with 4 stars and all the other products I saw had 5 star ratings.

The general consensus is that Dell products are among the best in the world. People love them and if you have a Dell computer you are among the Elite. Getting Dell computer was like getting a treat. Their customer service is great and staff friendly.

So long as you have a Dell electronic you need not worry as there are thousands of Dell service centers around the world that will get your equipment up and running again. Based on my own personal experience using Dell in the office, we have never had to repair one of our computers in the decade I worked there. Upgrading the system was a breeze as we just took our computer to the service center and the rest was history.

I found an article on CNET that states that Dell will be stepping up on their customer service in order to keep their competitive edge. Can you imagine a world leading company like that with one of the best customer service in the world, wow, that would be something.

They are not only one of the leading computer companies worldwide but their products range from laptops to printers, home theater systems, cameras, projectors, software, smart-phones and accessories. Customers are not complaining about the price but shipping seems to be a little hassle. The website is pretty easy to use and there is a customer service agent ready to talk to you live.

Based on my personal incident free experience I give Dell a 4.5 star rating. Bye, I’m off to get a Dell PC!