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Unexpected Destination: Branson, Missouri

When you think of vacation, you probably picture sand and shore. There’s nothing wrong with that; beach vacations are some of our favorites. But if you want to do something different this year, you should know that there’s a place in middle America that provides a lot to do for the entire family. That place is Branson, Missouri.

Titanic Museum

titanic-museum 1

Leagues away from any ocean, Branson may not be the first place you think of when you remember the Titanic. But believe it or not, they have an absolutely amazing recreation of the ship…before it sunk. Inside the Titanic Museum, they also give you the opportunity to “meet” some of the people who were really on the ship, bringing this story to life in a whole new way.

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Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium


Speaking of things you may or may not believe, Ripley’s Odditoriums are always a fun place to visit. They host objects from the weird to the unbelievable. They host collections of beautiful art, illusions, wax figures and shocking facts. If you want to do something different and memorable, this is it.

The best part about these Odditoriums is that even if you’ve been to one in another city, all of them are unique. They all host different artifacts and displays, so no matter how many you’ve been to you’ll never see the same one twice.

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Silver Dollar City

Outlaw Run

Have an adventurous and pioneering spirit? Then you’ll want to check out Silver Dollar City. This theme park most certainly has a theme, and that theme is the 1880s. You can do all the things you’d normally do at a theme park like ride coasters, play games and eat food that probably isn’t so great for you, but you can also take a step back in time with their artisans.

These skilled workers dress in old-time clothing as they create their wares in front of your very eyes. You can see how candy is made, watch a glassblower make a vase, learn about the creation of leather hats, observe a piece of wood being whittled into a gorgeous piece of art, get hands-on with a potter, watch a blacksmith at his craft, and so much more.

Taking a step back in time can get expensive, though, so you’ll want to be sure to check promo codes on Silver Dollar City before you purchase your tickets.

Branson’s Wild World


Animal lovers are not going to want to miss this attraction. At Branson’s Wild World, you can explore the sometimes zoo-like setting and aquarium, but you also have to opportunity to get up close and personal with a number of animals. The biggest attraction? Hand-feeding sharks!

Other displays include “Cute but not Cuddly,” “Deadly and Dangerous,” and “Wolf Woods.” If you tire of the animal attractions, which we highly doubt, you can also head on over to their 3-D blacklight mini golf course, which features, of all things, pirates.

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