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Diaper Bag Must-Haves for Moms on the Go

It’s easy for a new mom to become overwhelmed by all of the must-have and essential products for a new baby. There are some people who will tell you to register for everything under the sun, but the truth is, you really only need to worry about those products that your baby will actually need. One of the products that you’ll want to make sure to have before baby’s arrival, is a diaper bag. Diaper bags take on many different forms and can be anything from a traditional diaper bag to a backpack or tote. The trick os to find one that you are comfortable carrying around, and that looks appealing. Try different bags to get a sense of what it’ll be like to carry it with a baby in tow. Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags are hot, hot, hot, and well sought after. If you’re looking for a backpack. check out their styles from $75.00. You can also snag Dad Bags for $100.00.

After you’ve found just the right bag, it’s time to fill it with needed items for baby. What goes into the diaper bag will depend on what age the baby is. Newborns need a good amount of products when away from home. You’ll want to make sure that you have a clean bottle or sippy cup (again, taking age into consideration) with you at all times. Even moms who breastfeed tend to want to have a backup bottle in the diaper bag, just in case. You can keep dry, stored baby formula in a small container with a formula scoop to measure out any needed formula for bottles. Burp cloths and bibs are great to keep in the diaper bag, especially for young babies. Spit up does and will happen when you least expect it, so always be prepared.

Be sure to pack plenty of diapers and wipes in the diaper bag, along with a changing pad. There are handy little changing mats that fold up into an envelope and even have a carry strap. If you choose to cloth diaper, bring extra diapers, liners, and inserts. Also, make sure to bring along a wet bag for any soiled clothing.Get 5% off sitewide on cloth diapers at Diaper Junction. Just as you need extra diapers for the baby, bring an extra set of clothes, as well. In fact, just plan to keep an extra set of clothes for baby in the diaper bag at all times. You might even want to keep a change of clothes for yourself in the car- just in case. Don’t forget to bring along the diaper rash cream- you won’t want to find yourself without it when you need it most.

You’ll want to make sure that baby is always warm enough, so bring a baby blanket that you can gently swaddle a tiny baby in or use to keep an older baby warm. Even in the summertime, air conditioning can lead to chilly little arms and legs. In the same respect, you never want to allow your baby to overheat, so be ready to monitor their body temperature and help to keep it regulated at all times.

Other important items to bring along include snacks and toys for older babies or toddlers. As long as you have something to entertain older babies with, your outing with them should be smooth sailing. Babies love to discover new surroundings, so don’t be afraid to head out into the world with them. Embrace and enjoy your role as a mom and make every moment with your precious little one count.