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Dinner Party Inspiration: Beautiful Autumn Table Settings

Here we are, heading straight for the holiday season and summer is barely over. Before we know it, October will be over and we’ll be preparing for the season of dinner parties. I have a goal this year to really make the most of my dinner party opportunities and create not only a delicious experience for my family and friends, but a beautiful one, too!


Have you ever heard the word “tablescapes?” I first heard it on the Food Network, when Sandra Lee was on Semi-Homemade. She always created the most elaborate dining table scenes, incorporating different textures, fabrics, and varying heights for dishes to sit on, and there was always a theme.

I’m not sure I could take my “tablescapes” as far as Sandra Lee, but the idea of a beautiful, autumn-inspired dinner table is totally consuming me.

Beautiful Fall Table Settings for Your Next Dinner Party

Purple Orange Grey Fall Tablescape

Purple is a beautiful addition to fall’s typical orange and brown. I also love anything chalkboard, so the slate grey – despite it not being actual chalkboard – gives that rustic DIY effect. Everything looks so vibrant thanks to the purple napkins and peeks of fuchsia and pink in the flowers. Even the cheese matches the pale orange of the persimmons, which are a nice, orange alternative to pumpkins!

Rosemary Plate and Name Card Tablescape Place Setting

This is an extremely affordable way to make your table look like it came right out of a home decor magazine. Your plates don’t necessarily have to be black, white plates or any solid color will set off the green of the rosemary. This photo has velvet as a tie for the rosemary sprigs, but you could use anything. I think that basic kitchen twine would be just as beautiful. If you don’t have rosemary growing at home, check your local farmer’s market or community garden. Otherwise, you can find smaller sprigs at the grocery store. Or, use an Uncommon Goods promo code to get a rosemary herb garden kit for your home!

White Pumpkins Antlers Fall Tablescape

This is a totally fresh take on fall colors! Or should I say lack of fall colors? The antlers and white pumpkins are absolutely beautiful together, and with the highlight of the clear glass and dried flowers, it’s showcases the soft and serene side of autumn. No dark colors here! In case you don’t happen to have a set of bleached deer antlers laying around, you can use a Houzz coupon to get a set of faux antlers at a discount.

Fall Painted Pumpkins and Feathers Tablescape

Feathers and almonds are a completely unique take on this cozy season, and incorporating a cool teal blue in the form of a painted pumpkin is a bold choice. Nevertheless, it’s working for me. The cups full of found feathers and the flecks of gold sprinkled throughout this table setting is adding a layer of mysticism to the season, and it’s welcome.

Wood Slabs and Pine Bought Autumn Tablescape

Autumn’s beauty extends way past pumpkins and holidays. The trees are the main stars of fall, for me. The way that the leaves change and their resilience as they weather the worsening storms all remind me of fall. This tablescape celebrates trees with wood slice charger plates and coniferous boughs and pinecones as centerpieces. The best part of this table setting is that almost all of the components can be found outside at your local park, or even your backyard.

Autumn Farm Table Setting with Lavender

Here we have more herbs being used as decoration, and I love it. This time, it’s rosemary and lavender, which probably smell incredible together. The placemat is actually just a simple kitchen towel, and the tablecloth is basic butcher paper. The simplicity of this table setting is charming and casual, perfect for an early autumn dinner party. They even managed to sneak a feather in there, too. I spy a trend! Pick up a 4-pack of kitchen towels and save 10% with a Target coupon code!

What’s your favorite way to decorate your dining table for fall dinner parties? Which of these inspo photos is your favorite?