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Discover the Magic of Macy’s

Macy’s has been quite a name since 1858. It is a chain of mid-range department stores, very well known for the diversity of its merchandise and products. It started as a retail store for dry goods and today the brand covers everything from women’s clothing to dining sets!


Macy’s plays host to a number of brands under its roof. Their online shopping and shipping option has also picked up quite a number of customers. All the merchandise that they dabble in has been neatly organized into categories and sub-categories. Let’s take their women line in the apparel section for instance. Under this one category, they have jeans, dresses, tops, shirts, lingerie, coats, suits and skirts. Is there anything else that you can think of, say hats and sweaters? Yes, even those are available. In their related content category, you can browse through handbags and accessories, shoes, sunglasses and work wardrobe trends. It’s quite an exhaustive collection. Some of the brands that they commonly stock are DKNYC, Ellen Tracy, Jessica Simpson, Charter Club, Anna Klein, Bar III and others.

Also further in each of these categories, say the coats section in the women’s apparel; you have blended wool capes, pleated coats, hooded trench coats, collarless coats and the variety. There is no dearth of styles and offers. There is complete information about the product including length of the garment, its material and also of accessories or embellishments attached to it. Available sizes are explicitly mentioned and you can pick from only those. If the product is in stock, it will be shipped within two working days from the warehouse, following the confirmation of your payment. For shipping outside the United States, all duties, customs charges and brokerage fees should be paid to the carrier on receipt of the ordered merchandise.

Apart from this you can also avail some great deals and discounts at Macy’s. At any time of the year, some or the other offer is in place. Sometimes it’s a 25% on shoes, or 30% off on cookware. They also have back to business sales where you can save from 25 to 65% of the actual cost. Coupons for these are available online. The prices that Macy’s offers are also rather competitive and the merchandise is value for money any day.

The Macy’s wedding shop is also a must check out. They stock wedding jewelry, gifts, shoes and accessories, watches and other wedding specific merchandise that you are looking for. Given the Macy’s brand, these products and their longevity is not in question. Just log on and check out some fabulous stuff.

Macy’s is not just a departmental store now then. They fulfill most of your needs, maybe not grocery! Just kidding! But yes, for things like apparels, jewelry, kids clothes, shoes and the like it’s bliss shopping in your home and then getting the goods delivered. In case this is your first time with online shopping, feel free to read up reviews of Macy’s online and get ready to order.