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Disney Backpacks for $25 or Less

If you’re looking for backpacks as your kids head back to school, we have a treat for you. Disney has its backpacks on sale for 28%-36% off—and that’s before any of these awesome promo codes! That means you can score your child a backpack—which they really need—with one of their favorite Disney characters on it—which they really want. And you can do all that for a reasonable price, which isn’t always true at the Disney Store.

Elena of Avalor Backpack

Elena of Avalor is the latest addition to the Disney family. Go to Disney World, and you’ll see her products everywhere. She’s an inspiring heroine: a female Latina ruler and protector of her people.

Her backpack is inspiring, too. It has comfy, adjustable shoulder straps, lots of storage and bright, bold colors celebrating the crown Princess. The best part? It’s currently only $16.00. If you apply those promo codes to your order, you could get it for even less.

Frozen Rolling Backpack

We’re always amazed at how laden with thick, heavy textbooks kids’ backpacks are these days. We wouldn’t want to carry those beasts ourselves—but a nine-year-old?

Luckily, Disney has backpacks that roll like your luggage. Your kiddo can carry them on their back, but when they’re too heavy they can just pull them along behind them.

One of our favorite designs features the perpetually popular cast of frozen. This backpack features Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Sven in a snowy field of evergreens. It’s currently only $25 before promo codes.

R2-D2 Rolling Backpack

We initially weren’t sure about Disney buying Star Wars. Would it get cheezier? They wouldn’t dare bring Jar Jar back, would they?

But we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the acquisition. Star Wars stuff has always been expensive, so Disney’s non-sale prices aren’t really all that different. The movies have been great, though we do want to find out what’s going to happen with Luke. And seeing storm troopers at Disney World is a pretty fun experience.

They’ve also got this back-to-school thing down with their rolling R2-D2 backpack—that makes actual noises! At the moment it’s $25—and that’s yet again prior to promo codes.

Marvel Character Backpacks

Disney also acquired Marvel some years ago, giving them an array of back-to-school options for all the super hero enthusiasts out there. You can pick from the Hulk, Spiderman or the Avengers for your design. You’ll also have choices of regular backpacks, which are currently $16, or roller backpacks, currently $25, depending on your design selection.

World of Disney Emoji Backpack

Welcome to 2017! Your kids can now celebrate their love of Disney in a way that you never would have even dreamed of when you were a child: through emojis. Featuring the many emotions of classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto, this adorable backpack will run parents $16 prior to the application of promo codes.