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Disney Movie Club—Different Offerings of Disney for Boys and Girls

Disney Movie Club

Disney Movie Club is a section of the Disney company that is just for movies. The store was designed to help parents be rewarded for shopping Disney. You can shop just movies or follow the links to other Disney stores for many different gifts. Disney has many different offerings for boys and girls, not just ‘princess’ toys or movies.

You may buy Disney movies through the Disney store, except for those movies that are in the Disney ‘Vault’. When a movie goes into the ‘Vault’ it is unavailable for purchase for about ten years. You can still purchase one of the Vaulted movies through vendors until the movie is out of stock. Beware of buying Disney movies that are vaulted from certain outlets where people can sell them privately, you may end up with a bootleg copy or a used copy with scratches that will not work.

Several years ago, my mother in law began buying Disney movies for my children. I adore most of these movies and was pleasantly surprised to find slips of paper inside the DvD cases with codes for the Disney Movie Club. Every single movie had up to two codes inside.

I registered for the site, it was quick and easy to do. After my account was activated, it was time to enter in the codes. Some of the movies had special codes for extra amounts of points. It didn’t take long and then I had enough points to get my little girl something special! You can also find specials to double or even triple the codes found in certain movies, especially brand new releases. Another cool thing: most Disney movies now come with a free digital copy so you can play your movie on a laptop or desktop computer.

That’s right, every Disney code entered into the site accumulates into points that can be redeemed for rewards. You can choose from quite a few different things: clothing, movies, or gear. The gear portion of the rewards store has everything from backpacks to hair accessories. Other types of gifts are listed in the miscellaneous section.

I chose a cool Sleeping Beauty pillowcase. The pillowcase was white with black outlines of all the Sleeping Beauty movie characters. A pack of markers came in the package, so my little one was able to color in her own pillowcase.

One drawback – the marker ink will transfer to skin. I’m not sure what caused this, but you could use other types of markers for the pillowcase if you like. I did not contact Disney regarding this, though when I had a problem with a code not working the customer service replied promptly and solved the problem.

The reward I ordered was shipped quickly. The package was securely wrapped.