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DIY Crafts Using Fall Leaves

Look outside – notice anything? The streets have turned brown and yellow from all of the autumn leaves. Perhaps you’ve already spent some time outside raking leaves in the yard or, if you’re smart, made a kid do it in exchange for a buck or two. Either way, we better get used to seeing leaves for a while because autumn has hit, and it’s only just beginning.

Next time you’re looking for a fun afternoon activity, consider this creative perspective on autumn yard work: use fallen leaves to create beautiful DIY crafts at home!

Autumn Leaves Jar Candle Holder

1. Autumn Leaves Jar Candle Holder

When you find some particularly beautiful leaves like the bright yellow and orange leaves you find under maple trees, save them for this gorgeous project. You’re basically upgrading a jar to a candle holder that also gives your table a unique autumn ambience. The light of the tea candle or votive illuminates the vibrant colors of the leaves and turns your room into a cozy celebration of fall. The leaves won’t catch fire due to the thickness of the glass, so no worries about fire hazards. Pick up a set of mason jars for this project and save 50% by getting them from Michaels
Decorating White Pumpkins with Fall Leaves

2. Decorate a Pumpkin

Instead of making a huge mess and carving a pumpkin that will turn to mush in a matter of days, try leaving the pumpkin’s guts alone and decorating the outsite! It will last much, much longer on your front porch, and you can make some really beautiful, artistic pumpkins. Decoupaging some colorful leaves onto the outside creates a gorgeous effect. Of course, any pumpkin would be the perfect backdrop for your leaves, but if you can find a white pumpkin, the vivid oranges and reds really pop!fallen-leave-mobile-wall-hanging

3. Falling Leaves Wall Hanging

If you love minimalist and quirky home decor, this is your dream come true. It requires some scavenging, which is a great excuse to get outside and identify some materials. Find a long, somewhat straight stick and cut off any excess branches. autumn-wreaths-fallen-leaves

4. Autumn Wreath with Fallen Leaves

Buying a pre-coiled wreath is the smartest thing to do when trying to DIY a wreath – trust me. All you need after that is a hot glue gun and a fall-themed imagination! Some other cute wreath accessories include faux berries, dried orange slices, hardy herbs like rosemary, and pinecones. I would recommend keeping your wreath inside as a decoration. Most autumn leaf wreaths that hang outside on doors are made from plastic, faux leaves. You can find those at craft stores like Michaels, or use our coupons for Joann Fabrics and buy online!

Maple Leaf Print DIY

5. Make Leaf Prints

This is absolutely the best, most exciting and educational craft on this list. This process uses the natural dyes within the leaves to create beautiful imprints on paper. It’s highly suggested that you use a rough, absorbent paper like the paper used for watercolor paintings. After that, there’s just a short ingredient list of household items and products, and you can create beautiful masterpieces and keepsakes with the leaves in your backyard.