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DIY: Turning Personal Photos into Home Decor

With all of the photo-based social media in the world, we’re taking more pictures than ever – approximately 1.2 trillion photos per year. Wow.

Thanks to all of our smartphones, pocket cameras, and GoPros, the photos of our lives are thorough and numerous. Sadly, most great photos taken in the moment just sit on your social media page and then slowly fall off your timeline and out of your thoughts. What a waste! Your life deserves to be celebrated, and those moments you diligently captured deserve to be viewed, admired, and cherished. I love the idea of designing a gallery wall to accommodate a large number of photos. It can become the central focus of a room!

Fortunately, along with the uptick in photo taking came the swath of photo transforming services. These printing houses will take your the photos from your camera, smartphone, or whatever media device you take photos with and will print them onto beautiful, hangable, display-worthy art that you can hang in your home, give to a loved one, or just keep for yourself.

CanvasHQ will print your photos directly onto high quality canvas that you can easily frame however you want, or just hang on the wall!

They can print photos from 6″ to 96″, so you can customize your photos to fit your space perfectly. You can also choose the depth of the canvas, the type of canvas, and canvas finish so each photo is presented in its best form. CanvasHQ will give you 25% off and free shipping with a coupon code, and when you’re ordering a 96″ tall photograph – that’s a big discount! Give them a spin if you love the canvas look.

Of course, you can print out your own photos, too. This is obviously the easiest, most affordable way to keep your photographic memories visible. Nearly every brand of printer offers an economical photo printer, and Epson is no exception. In fact, they’re an industry leader in consumer photo printing and their products are very affordable considering their performance, but you can also use Epson coupons to save some extra cash on your new photo printer!

With all types of paper ranging from glossy to matte, there are endless ways to print out your photos. You can even get sticker sheets, t-shirt transfer paper, and magnetic paper for the fridge! Every office supply store has paper that will work in your printer, but getting the right kind of ink is a little different.

There are many kinds of printer in, from alcohol-based to carbon-based. They perform differently both as you print your photos and years later, after the ink has been exposed to light and other environmental factors.

Printer ink can also be very, very expensive. There’s a secret, though: refurbished printer ink. Seriously! Companies like InkFarm take old cartridges that have been used and discarded, then fills them with new printer ink! The result is a high quality ink in a perfectly reusable ink cartridge – for an incredible discount!

They look and behave just like normal printer cartridges except they’re cheaper, and better for the environment! Plus, you can get 10% off of Ink Farm products by using our current promos, so it’s a win-win-win!

Before you know it, your house will become a gallery of your finest Instagram, Snapchat, and smartphone photos. Just wait until you tell your grandkids about this!