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DIY Valentine’s Day Projects

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Spend a chilly weekend with an excuse to get crafty. Do these activities with your kids, as gifts for your co-workers, or classmates, decor for home, or just for fun to post on your Pinterest page!

Festive Votives

Go to your local dollar store and pick up plain glass votives. Grab any materials lying around and adhere with double sided tape. use old doilies, construction paper, or crepe paper. Have puff paint or old craft jewels lying around? Add some accents. Let the kids get silly with it, or craft your designs carefully. Apply the same concept to vases and fill with your favorite flower (or baby’s breath if you’re on a budget!).


DIY Cards

Just like above, grab whatever you have lying around the house to make a collage or deliberately crafted design. Or, go to the craft or dollar store and pick up pipe cleaners, buttons, craft pens, pinking shears, and anything else you want! Bring the kids and let them pick. Encourage your children to put some thought into cards they might want to give to family members. Ones that express love and appreciation.


Chalkboard Frame

This is so cool! Go to any craft store and buy a plain wooden frame. Instead of decorating with knick knacks, paint it in chalkboard paint. Get different colored chalk and write your special message on it as a gift. These are fun to have around the house to change with the seasons! Just erase and rewrite!


Candy Boxes

Personalize your candy boxes by handpicking the chocolates, candies, or cookies. Use cupcake wrappers to fill the tin, which you can buy plain at any craft store. Hot glue gun anything you want to the top. Cover with construction paper, crepe paper, ribbon, paper hearts, etc. Have fun with this and personalize for each recipient! Perfect to give to co-workers, peers, a new relationship, or your kids!


All photos courtesy of Real Simple