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DIY Your Own Unique Home Artwork

Every time I’m on Pinterest, I inevitably see a gorgeous living room or bedroom with a beautiful, oversized piece of art as the centerpiece. Now, if you’ve ever gone out and actually looked for art like that for sale, you know that even art prints are expensive. There’s no way we’ll be getting a thousands-of-dollars original piece of art any time soon… That is, unless we DIY it!

Tutorial: Ideas2Live4 

If you’re worried about your skills as an artist going into this project – don’t. Think about the famous artists of history. Most of them painted figures that looked more like a child’s drawing than a photograph of a person. Even the buildings in the handmade art above this paragraph have wiggly, wavy lines and imperfections. That’s what makes it individual and unique!

The first thing you need is a plan. Figure out what space you’ll be placing your art piece in, and then determine the size you want. Canvases come in all shapes and sizes (mostly rectangular), so visualize the art in your space and go from there.

Since the goal is to have a large DIY art piece, you may end up needing a specialty art store online for your canvas needs. Alternately, you could be extra original and do your artwork on a piece of wood. This is super easy to pick up at a hardware store, or you could use a Home Depot coupon to order online, then skip the shipping charges by picking it up locally!

Tutorial: Lollyjane

Don’t feel like painting is the only way to accomplish this oversized art piece, either. Art comes in all forms, and paint is just one of them.

Mosaics are made by placing chips or small pieces of media in an arranged pattern. The media can be anything from rocks to sea glass to paper. Obviously, paper is the choice that is the most accessible (and safe – but watch out for paper cuts!). If you’re in need of some cool paper to get you started, you could save 50% with our codes for The Paper Store.

Tutorial: Kate Bullen

Last but certainly not least, the most easy way to embellish your wall with an eye-catching DIY art piece: photography.

A quick trip to your local photo center can result in a gigantic print of your favorite self-taken photo. Try Costco Photo Center with our coupons to save a pretty penny on your own photo prints. Then, either frame it or affix the image to a canvas or board using decoupage and you’ll feel like a pro photographer!


Source: Elle Sweden

I hope you’re ready to upgrade your space with your own two hands! You literally have all of the tools you need, so get your creative engine running and get inspired! As always, leave your favorite DIYs in the comments and share your story!