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Do I Need to Spring Clean?

Spring is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Spring” is Spring Cleaning. Sigh. Then I ask myself, “Do I need to spring clean?” With 8 kids, a husband, myself, 3 cats, and a dog, just the thought of Spring Cleaning overwhelms me. And then I start to get a little excited. Spring cleaning means a fresh start. A chance to start new and get rid of the clutter. (Amazing how much clutter adds up in six months to a year.)

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So, whenever I ask myself, “Do I need to spring clean,” here are the reasons why I know I do:

  • It’s Good for our Allergies – In the spring, my kids’ allergies go haywire. When I deep clean, and I dust in all the awkward spots that I tend to miss in my everyday cleaning, it helps their allergies so much! I remove all the dust that I can, get the carpets deep cleaned, change the filters, and scrub down the walls – even the baseboards. Suddenly, they’re breathing easier, there’s less sneezing and coughing, and everyone seems to sleep better through the night. (Hmmmm….. maybe I should “spring” clean more than twice a year. 😉 )

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  • It Allows me to Give to Charity – During spring cleaning, I switch out everyone’s clothes for the season. When I do this, I go through every article of clothing. If I can pass something down to the next kid, it gets put in a storage tote, and taken to the storage unit. If I can’t pass it on, or if I know no one will be using it come fall/winter, it gets boxed up and taken to the storage unit. Same goes for everything in each room of the house. If we haven’t used it in the past 6 months, or if we don’t need it any longer, it gets thrown away or taken to our local thrift store. I always love taking items to our thrift store because they support women and children in our community who are in need. By giving to the store, they can sell the items for a profit and help more women and children.
  • It’s a Great Way to find Lost Things – I am always losing things. Always. So, when I spring clean, it’s like going on a treasure hunt. I never know what lost item I’ll find next!

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  • It Makes Me Feel Better – When I spring clean, it just makes me feel better. Not just physically, like with the allergies mentioned above, but emotionally. It’s like a recharge button has been hit in my soul. With the house sparkling clean, I load up my favorite diffuser with my favorite essential oils and it makes me feel so good! (By the way, if you’re looking for a great place to purchase essential oils, check out these Plant Therapy promo codes. It’s a great way to save money and stock up on all your favorite oils.)

Those are just a few of the main reasons why I love to Spring Clean. Do I need to Spring Clean? For me, the answer is YES! It’s just what my soul… and my house… needs!

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