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Do it For the Love

Shopping is fun. Spending is even more fun. But let’s take a moment to talk about something that it for the love2

If you haven’t already signed up at Prompro, do it now. For every person who signs up, we will donate ten cents to the Do It For Love, which is  a non-profit organization that grants wishes to those with life-threatening illness or other debilitating challenges in life. Do it for the Love brings together artists who are dedicated to using music as a ‘transformative experience’, says their Facebook page. The goal is offer lasting celebratory moments in face of life changing trauma or tragedy.

Do it For Love grants wishes for anyone who’s suffered, including children and veterans. Check out their webpages to nominate someone or to make a donation.
do it for hte love

Over the last few months, PromosPro has donated about $200 and we’d like to grow that number exponentially. So, we’re asking you to share a link to this blog, or to our Facebook page, where you’ll find all the info. Let’s work together to do something good–help us help them.