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Do You Have These Summer Road Trip Essentials?

Summertime is the perfect time for vacation, and for many families, that means one thing: Road Trip!! Whether you are filling up your tank and seeing where the road takes you, or if you have a carefully planned out trip, a family summer road trip can be great fun. But, are you prepared for a road trip with your crew? Take a look at these summer road trip essentials and make sure your next road trip is a smashing success for everyone in the car.

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  • Kid-Friendly Playlist – As you’re driving across the country, radio signals are going to be scarce and hard to come by. Be prepared with a kid-friendly playlist that everyone in the car will enjoy and add it to your iPhone or burn them to CD. (We drive an older model van that doesn’t have fun things like auxiliary ports or Siris XM radio. We have to go old school!) Avoid music that’s going to make you crazy while you drive, but make it something the kids will enjoy. Download some oldies from the 50s and 60s, get jammin’ to the music from the 80s, or bop along with 90s songs by the Backstreet Boys or NSync. Keep it fun and peppy, and soon everyone in the car will be singing along!

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  • Maps, GPS, Etc. – Not sure where you’re going for your road trip? That’s ok! With today’s technology, the entire world is literally at your fingertips. Ask Siri for directions to a waterfall, a city that’s full of life, or somewhere with great restaurants and shopping. If you’re wanting to put technology aside for a little while, stock up on road maps, and pick up new ones every time you come into a new area that you’d like to explore. Also be sure to talk to the locals and find out what there is that’s fun to do in their area. Most will tell you how to beat crowds and enjoy your stay in their little (or not so little) city.


  • Local Attraction Passes – Once you decide where you’re going, you’re going to want to explore that city. You’re going to want a Go City Pass for the local area of your destination so you can save up to 55% off the regular prices. Check out these Smart Destinations promo codes to save more money on your Go City Passes. Then, get out there and start exploring your destination.


  • Snacks, Snack, and More Snacks – If your kids are anything like mine, they are going to be asking for food every 3 seconds. You are not going to want to stop as often as they ask for food, so make sure you stock up on plenty of snacks to take with you. Apples and pears travel well, as do granola bars, individual bags of chips, crackers, and cookies, and maybe a little candy thrown in as a treat.

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  • Toiletries and Other Essentials – With kids in your car, you’re going to want to make sure you have tissues, paper towels, wipes, hand sanitizer, and probably even toilet paper stashed somewhere in your car. (I’ve been to several rest stops in the middle of nowhere that were not properly stocked, and I was thankful to have that roll of toilet paper in the trunk!) Also be sure you have all of your prescription medicines on hand, and bring along other meds like pain relievers, antacids, motion sickness pills, and a full first aid kit with items like bandaids, cortisone cream, and triple antibiotic ointment. You’ll thank me later.

Before you even get out on the road, there are a few things you need to make sure happen: First, make sure your car is ready for a long drive. Check out these promo codes from Autopia Car Care and save money on getting your car road trip ready. Second, make sure you have AAA on speed dial or you know how to change a flat tire in case the worst were to happen. And, lastly, be sure you dress comfortably, and enjoy your family’s summer road trip!