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Don't Be Brand Loyal!

How often do you think about the type of stores you shop in? What about the brands of products you buy on a regular basis? Many people only shop at one store or purchase the same brand of certain items all of the time. Regardless of cost, some shoppers think that national brands have the best quality of nearly everything.

However, switching brands can save you quite a bit of money. National brands are the most visible due to the fact that brand name companies can afford to purchase more advertising. The flashy ads in magazines, on television, and in the grocery store’s aisles may be alluring – but this is what drives up the cost of these name brand products.

Generic or store brand products may be the same or of higher quality than name brands. The reason that these brands can charge significantly lower prices is the absence of national level advertising. Prices for generic or store brand products similar to national brand name products may be 50% to 70% lower! This translates into serious savings.

One downfall to buying generic products or store brands is that you do not often find coupons for these products. The large gap in price may make up for that lack of discount. Store brands can be found on sale quite a bit. This won’t make up for the amount of savings you can find when a store has huge sales and you can combine coupons to buy national brands for a fraction of the cost. Remember- brand loyalty isn’t about giving up brands you love, it’s about buying them at the best price and trying other brands to find the best quality at the best price.

Another way to save quite a bit on your food bill is to shop around. Perhaps you have been using the same grocery store for years. Maybe your family has always used one store and you followed suit. Sales come at every grocery store and each store has it’s pros and cons, but utilizing more than one store for your shopping can save you just as much as changing to generic brands. Check the sales circulars for all of the grocers in your area and plan your shopping list around all of the sales. You will save enough to make up for fuel used.

Be wary of ‘big box’ or ‘club’ stores. These stores create the visual of a warehouse in the way items are stocked. An illusion of limited stock, along with huge portions, and a lump price can make you think you are saving money. Often you can find amazing deals at club type stores, but most of the items sold are all brand name. Keep an eye on the per unit price of the items, not just the price for a bulk package. Sometimes you will end up spending more than you thought!