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Double Duty Drugstore Lipsticks with SPF Protection

While winter beauty looks are full of rich jewel tones and heavy coverage, summer makeup is all about bright colors and naturally beautiful skin. Protecting your skin from harmful sun damage is at the top of every beauty lover’s to-do list. Of course, makeup is still welcome – especially if it comes packed with SPF protection!

The skin on and around the lips is very delicate and can easily be damaged by sun exposure if left unprotected. You may be thinking that your only way to get through the summer without getting your lips burned is by dedicating your life to clear, basic, high SPF lip balm. You’re partially right, but I would also invite you into the beautiful, colorful world of lipsticks with SPF.

Shelbie Hickey by Melissa Emmons Photography

Best of all, you can find these lipsticks at your local drugstore. That’s right – for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can beef up your beauty collection while taking care of your skin! I found all of the lipsticks you see below at a common drugstore. Be sure you bring Rite Aid coupons with you, and check for new coupons before purchasing online! Saving money on affordable beauty products is a win-win.

SPF lipsticks can have anywhere from SPF 5 to SPF 30 and come in beautiful, vibrant lipstick colors. Here are three of my favorite SPF lip products from the drugstore.

1. Wet N Wild Color Shield with SPF 15

Wet N Wild Color Shield A Currant Affair


At only $2.99 each, these are easily the most affordable product on the list. It’s packed with SPF 15 and comes in a ton of beautiful, bright, summer colors. My favorite lipstick color from this line is the vibrant orange A Currant Affair.” 

2.Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick with SPF 6

Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick Crystal Coral

Revlon is a classic choice for lipstick, and the Moon Drops line offers light sun protection in addition to a pearly finish and hydrating finish. The available colors are all very bright, there are oranges and pinks to choose from, but my favorite Crystal Cut Coral which is an apricot-pink shade.

3.Rimmel Moisture Renew with SPF 18

Rimmel MoistureLock Lipstick in Rose Red

This pick is the hero of the bunch with SPF 18. Rimmel is a brand from the UK that has quickly become mainstay internationally. The range features colors that are great for any season, but “Rose Blush” is the perfect pinky-brick red that belongs in every collection.

Next time you have a pool party to go to, or a fun beach date, remember to take care of your lips and head to the drugstore to pick up a beautiful, protective lipstick to complete your look!