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Dress Well and Give Back at the Same Time

Did you know that in the past 35 years, the world’s elephant population has gone down 50%? The primary cause of of this atrocity is poaching, and it’s done for the elephants’ ivory tusks.

An organization called AWF, the African Wildlife Foundation, is fighting this tragedy with a three-pronged approach. First, they educate the populace about what happens to the elephants and the environment because of ivory poaching. Then, the provide park rangers with the resources they need to do their jobs. Without AWF, their time is often taken up by basic tasks like fetching water and keeping the structures of their homes together. With AWF, these rangers can focus on their patrol and prevent poachers from killing more elephants. Lastly, AWF provides an economic incentive for landowners in Africa to keep their land open to wildlife, keep the elephants’ environment in tact instead of letting it get lost to development.

Giving to AWF’s cause is great, but what if you could simultaneously give—and get cute clothes? Enter The Elephant Pants. Since their inception in 2014, they’ve donated $102,725 of their profits to charitable organizations, with the primary recipient being AWF.

On top of 10% of profits going to a good cause, their clothes are also made ethically. Their facility in Thailand pays workers twice the standard wage, gives them health benefits, and provides them with a healthy work environment.

Ready to get shopping?

Kihari Yoga PantsKihari White Yoga Pants


The Yoga Collection is new, and it’s fabulous. The pants come in four colors: the featured white, black, gray and burgundy. They feature a soft but elastic waistband, loose legs (nothing you want kept private will be seen through super tight material!,) and are named after a six-year-old elephant, Kihari, who was rescued when she was just a year old. She now lives safely in a nursery thanks to AWF. You can remember Kihari every time you wear these pants—the pockets feature an elephant print.

Tai Dark Blue Leggings

Tai Dark Blue

These elephant print leggings are perfect. They’re bold, they’re blue and can go with a ton of different tops for your summer escapades. You may recognize Tai’s name—he’s been in lots of movies including Water for Elephants, and is well known for the paintings he has made to raise money for charities. Elephants can be celebrities, too.

Kenze Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top

Kenze Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top

In case you haven’t heard, showing off your midriff is back en vogue. We love the off-the-shoulders look of this crop top, which is named after an elephant who was saved from potential poachers in 2006 after two years of careful observation in the wild.

Lydia Spaghetti Strap Romper


Rompers are wonderful, but we love how this one is built specifically for the summer heat. Made completely of rayon, it feels like silk but breathes like cotton. It also has moisture-wicking properties, which will help you feel way less gross when you sweat.

The namesake for this romper has a sad story. Lydia was kept in captivity for most of her seventy-year life. After being a circus animal, she was sold to a man who had her travel across the country to give people rides for money. She led a solitary life before she passed three years ago. Purchasing through The Elephant Pants can help make stories like hers less common.