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Dress Your Kids the Best for Less

It is that time, again! Time to start the back to school shopping. Getting clothes for back to school can get expensive especially if you have more than one child. You need to know how to save the most money on back to school clothing if you are going to survive it! Check out how you can dress your kids the best for less!shopping-mall-1316787_960_720

Set a Budget Ahead of Time

The key to surviving back to school shopping is setting a budget. Go through your kid’s clothes, assess what they need, and make a list. Set a budget for what you have to get and stick to it. Setting a budget helps prevent impulse buys and frivolous shopping.

Shop Online

Shopping online is a great way to save money. Online shops like ThredUp, and Schoola have great deals on name brand clothes for your kids. Not only can you find great deals on used clothing, but you can sell your kids old clothes at the same

PromosPro, one of the best online coupon sites to find awesome savings. Keep money in your pocket by heading to PromosPro and search for your favorite store and check out the savings and coupon codes. You can find nearly any store deals online including Amazon, eBay, and various retail stores.

Go to Thrift Stores First

You can find great deals on school clothes by shopping the thrift stores. It may not be your kid’s first pick, but when they see a like new Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie, there really is no turning back. Check out places like Plato’s Closet, Once Upon a Child, and Goodwill.jeans-367508_960_720

Become a Couponista

You don’t have to wait for the sales or the paper to come. Get online and do a Google search for coupons. Search for specific clothing attire or find coupons for specific stores. Not only are there huge sales going on for back to school, but you can score 10-20% off your purchases just by looking for coupons at your local stores. JCPenney and Kohls are great for finding back to school deals.

Combine Your Savings

Combine your savings by coupling them with sales, promo codes, rewards you may have earned and coupons. It saves to take your time finding the best deals and using all your resources. Don’t just stick with one way of saving; use them all.

What other ways do you save on back to school clothes? Give your tips in the comments below!