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Earn Free Gift Cards to Save Your Budget

Is one of your resolutions to be better with your money this year? Part of being better with your money is not spending as much, but there is some spending we can’t avoid. We have to buy groceries. We have to pay rent. Unless we’re stingy to the point of madness, we have to buy a birthday present or two for our kid.

But there are ways to alleviate the outflow of money. Today, we’re going to cover one of them: earning free gift cards. When you earn a free gift card, you enable yourself to stash what you would have spend on food or work clothes or presents into savings. You’ll be helping your budget by effectively spending less of your own money and saving more of it, as well.



Swagbucks is a great way to earn free gift cards from retailers of your choosing. First you have to earn Swagbucks. The highest yielding way to go about it is to use their search engine; you won’t earn Swagbucks every time, but when you do, you’ll earn a lot of them. You can also earn them by watching videos, answering survey questions and playing games.

Once you have enough Swagbucks, you’ll be able to redeem them for an array of different rewards, including gift cards to a litany of different retailers. The best value for your points, though, is choosing to redeem for an Amazon gift card.

Amazon Trade-In Program


Have stuff you know you should sell on Craigslist, but just not feeling motivated enough to go through the selling process? Turn them in to Amazon Trade-In instead. They’ll immediately tell you if they’ll take your item and how much they’re willing to offer you in Amazon gift cards.

They accept movies, books, textbooks, video games, consoles and music.

Switch Pharmacies


A lot of pharmacies are willing to pay out in order to get your business. Typically, they pay through gift cards. For example, right now Safeway is offering $75 in gift cards for those who move their prescriptions over. You get a $25 gift card for your first prescription and a $50 gift card after you’ve filled five.

Don’t live near a Safeway? That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. In the past, places such as Walgreens, Kmart, CVS and RiteAid have been known to run similar offers. Find an offer online or call your local pharmacy directly.

Join Twitter Parties


Companies don’t just want followers on social media; they want engagement. On Twitter, one way they go about getting it is by throwing Twitter parties, usually with big social media influencers who have their own following they can bring in, too. Sometimes, as a reward for participating, companies will give out a gift card at the end of the chat to one or a few lucky participant(s).

You participate in a Twitter party by following a hashtag. Usually the host will ask questions with the hashtag included. Then, you’ll have to respond to that question or other participants using the hashtag, as well.