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Easy Fall Decorating Tips

Fall is one of the most fun seasons to decorate for. It seems that once September makes its debut, those who love to decorate their home are searching for the finest fall home accents. There are so many wonderful ways to decorate your home for the fall season. You can keep it simple, by adding little touches of color here and there throughout your home, or you can go all out, and decorate the house from top to bottom- inside and out! Take a look at these easy home decorating ideas for fall, and you’ll have a festive home in no time!

One the easiest and perhaps most inexpensive ways to add some gorgeous fall color to your home, is with flowers. Mums are a popular choice for the fall season. They are hearty plants, and can withstand cooler temperatures. They will last until the first real frost of the season, making them an ideal choice for flower beds and pots. Chrysanthemums are available in striking colors such as yellow, orange, burnt orange, deep red, white, and purple. Choose colors that work well with other colors that you may already have in your flower beds. If you don’t have flowers in your beds, or only have room for a couple of flower pots, not to worry- sometimes less is more!

Add garlands! You can ad pretty fall leaf garlands to different areas of your home for a stunning fall display. Many garlands are very long, making them ideal to drape around a door frame. Try hanging the garland around your front door to make a dramatic entryway. You can also add a fall garland to a fireplace mantle. Add in small live gourds and simple candles for an elegant fall look.

A simple doormat can add a big fall welcome to the front of your home! The Harvest Leaves Doormat from Bed Bath and Beyond is a great choice, and will add a pop of color to your front porch or steps. If you have back steps, it can also be fun to decorate that space, especially if it’s the space you most frequently see. Doormats can be changed out for the different fall holidays including Haloween and Thanksgiving.

If you want to go with a natural, country fall look and have a bit of room outside, go with some fun elements like bales of hay! You can stack hay bales to create a fun fall scene for your neighbors and guests to enjoy. Add a tall scarecrow (you can usually buy one pre-made at a craft or home decor store), lots of pumpkins, some fall flowers, and you’ll have an instant display that’ll be a delight for all to see.


Another beautiful fall decoration is elegant lighting. So many enjoy the soft glow of warm light during the fall season. It’s the perfect time to add decorative elements such as lanterns to the porch. Hang the lanterns from the porch, or line your front walk or porch steps with them. Fill the lanterns with candles. You can use battery operated candles and put them on a timer if you don’t want to have to worry about lighting them. There are also tons of solar powered lanterns and candles out there these days. If you don’t want to fill lanterns with candles, you can always use hurricane fillers. They’ll look beautiful with festive fall colors shining through the glass. Stock up on candles and decorative accessories at Walmart.

If fall decorating isn’t your strong suit, but you still want to try your hand at adding a festive seasonal touch, you can’t go wrong with a pumpkin and a flower pot. This simple addition will give your home some seasonal curb appeal.