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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids


Halloween will soon be here, and little boys and girls are starting to become excited about their fun night out. Halloween comes but once a year, and for kids who like to dress up and pretend, it’s the ultimate night of fun! These days, kids like to put their own unique twists on their costumes. Kids love to dress up as beloved characters from television shows and movies. Some kids even like to dress up as favorite characters from books and throughout history! It doesn’t have to cost mom and dad an arm and a leg to give their kids the costumes they truly want to wear this year. Check out some ideas for cute costumes kids will love!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are very popular this year. With their latest theatrical movie release, boys and girls of all ages will want to dress up as their favorite turtle! You can purchase a TMNT character costume, or you can easily make your own. Start with a pair of green pants like jeans or cords for boys. For girls, look for green tights or leggings. Sew yellow patches of felt or fabric onto a long-sleeved green shirt. A mask can be made from red, purple, orange or blue fabric. Girls might like to wear a multi-colored DIY tutu with their green leggings or tights for a festive look! Add on TMNT accessories like nunchucks, katanas, and other TMNT weapons. Make your own turtle shell from a throw away roasting pan. Just paint it and strap in on your back for an instant turtle shell.


A cheap and easy costume for kids is a DIY LEGO brick. Let your child choose their favorite brick color, and then get to work! You’ll need a cardboard box (large enough to fit over the child’s body), and some paper or plastic cups. Paint the outside of the box in whatever color LEGO brick the child wants to be. Cut out holes for the head and arms. Turn plastic cups upside down, and evenly space them two to a row in three rows (for a total of six cups). Glue the cups face down onto the cardboard and let dry. Just slip the box onto the child, and you have a fun LEGO brick costume that hardly cost you a dime to make!



If you’re not into costumes, and your kids just want to be a bit festive for Halloween, check out Halloween tees and accessories at The Children’s Place. They have some fabulous $5.00 deals on kids Halloween tee shirts, onesies for babies, and even a few Halloween accessories! Add a cute skirt or tutu to a Halloween tee for an instant glammed up Halloween look with very little effort. You can make your own tutu with strands of ribbons for a decked out Halloween outfit.


If your kids are into sports, have them dress up in activewear! They can easily dress up as a soccer, baseball, football player, a tennis player, a runner, etc. Old Navy has great deals on kids activewear! Get free shipping when you spend $50.00 or more! Pair active shorts or pants with a zip jacket and they’ll be good to go for a night of trick or treating with their friends. You won’t have to worry about wasting money on something they’ll never wear again. Put your hard earned dollars to good use and get them something they need and will want to wear long after Halloween is over.

Halloween is a fun time of year, but costumes can be pricey! Put your imagination to good use, and get crafty this year. Your kids will love spending time working on making a costume with you, and who knows… your ingenuity might even help them win this year’s costume contest!