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Cheap and Easy Haunted Houses!

Go to the hardware store. The hardware store is your friend. We love awesome seasonal discounts at Lowe’s and Home Depot.  There, you can buy, Duck tape, chains, caution tape, Beware sign, and more. Use the chains as only decorative–hang them from your ceiling or drape them across your door (Command hooks are handy here). Or, tie your scarecrow to the lamppost. Use your decorative duck tape for anything. Use it to cover your mouth when you open the door (super weird and scary), or use black duck tape to cover pumpkins and anything else that can be covered in black. Caution tape is a no brainer–construct a murder scene using a little fake blood, a chalk cut out, and your caution tape.

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At the hardware store, buy foam board. You can create anything with foam board. This Pinterest user created a castle entrance. Another cool (and less time consuming) idea is to create customized tombstones with the names of your neighbors. And of course, cover everything in spider webs. Use chalk on black paint to give it a weathered look.

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Creating a coffin out of cardboard is surprisingly easy (although if you are really handy, a wooden coffin is much cooler). You can find a template online. Just be sure to paint and “distress” to give it an authentic look. Or, cover in duck tape and decorate like this You Tube user did. Check out this tutorial for your DIY coffin. It’s fun to stand it up by the doorway, or on the front lawn. Even cooler? If you happen to have a skeleton in the house, position him crawling out of it.

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Finally, using a few pieces of broken wood is a great way to make signs. One Pinterest user just popped a Jack-O-Lantern onto a stick and draped it with burlap. This is rather advanced, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the more rudimentary the sign, the more authentic it will look.