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Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The next big holiday coming our way is Mother’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate all of the wonderful mothers in your life. Kids may not fully appreciate what Mother’s Day is all about, but once they find out that it’s a special day for moms, they usually want to get in on the gift-giving and help plan the celebrations. Unless kids are old enough to hold down a job, they probably don’t have money of their own to spend on a nice gift for mom. Most moms just want to spend time with their family on Mother’s Day, but the kids will want to give mom something special. Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to cost any money (or cost very little). Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that kids can make for their moms without having to spend much money.

One of the easiest gifts that kids can give to their moms on Mother’s Day, is to let them sleep in for a while. Allow mom to have a leisurely morning at home, without waking her early in the morning. Once she’s awake, the kids can bring her a nice tray of breakfast in bed or at the very least tea or coffee. Very young children will need assistance if preparing and serving anything that is hot. Present the meal or beverage on a nice tray with a pretty arrangement of flowers. Crate and Barrel has a gorgeous selection of home accents, including serving trays. You can save 10% off when you sign up at Crate and Barrel. You might even include the morning paper or a favorite magazine.

Roses are a beautiful gift. You might consider presenting mom with a bouquet of roses or of her favorite flowers. You could also give her something that will last, like a plant that can actually be planted in the ground and cared for over the years. If mom likes flowers, buy her an actual plant of her favorite flowers so that she can plant it and enjoy the beautiful flowers it produces year after year. A perennial plant is the best way to go if you’re looking for something that will come back again and again. If mom doesn’t have a green thumb, look for something that is low maintenance and is heat tolerant.

It might take some time and a little extra money for materials, but why not help the kids build something that they can give to mom? Spend a Saturday putting together something like a wooden bench that can be placed out in the garden or a favorite spot that mom might enjoy outside. Many wonderful memories can be made, just cuddling up together on a lovingly made bench. You should be able to find all of the building materials you need for this type of project at Home Depot. If mom is a DIYer and loves doing projects herself, a Home Depot Gift Card would make a great gift, so she can purchase the materials for her next project.

If all else fails, just help the kids make mom a beautiful card and a nice homemade meal. Stay in for the day and rent some movies, or just encourage mom to relax. Remember, all she really wants is to spend time with her loved ones.