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Easy Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

With the start of summer comes the start of the hot weather. Before things get too out of control and too hot, prepare yourself to utilize these easy ways to beat the heat this summer. Your kids will love these tips, and when your kids are happy, YOU’LL be happy too!

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  • Hit the Pool – Find a local community pool, or buy a small wading pool to put in your backyard. Don’t want a wading pool? Attach sprinklers to the end of your garden hose. Cool water is the absolute best way to cool off when the summer heat is high. Make sure you have the proper swimming gear for staying cool, though, and that starts with a swimsuit. Check out these Swimsuits for All promo codes and save big bucks on new suits for the entire family.
  • Stock up on Popsicles/Freezer Pops – I always make sure I have a stash of these available and ready in the freezer. Handing them a freezer pop is an easy way to help them cool off and stay hydrated while they’re playing outside in the sun. Be sure to wrap a paper towel around the wrapper if you give them freezer pops that are in the tube. Sometimes the shock of the cold freezer pop is a little too much for their tiny hands to handle. (And that paper towel will help soak up some of the mess that you know they’re going to make!)

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  • Opt for Good Sunglasses – When the sun is high in the sky and shining right into your eyes, it automatically makes you feel hotter. By opting for good sunglasses, you not only have an easy way to beat the heat, but you’ll also be doing your eyes a favor by protecting them from the harmful UVA and UVB rays the sun gives off. Need a new pair of sunglasses? Check out these promo codes from Nectar Sunglasses. Save money, look fabulous, and have an easy way to beat the heat while you do it!
  • Use an Umbrella for Shade – We are fortunate enough that we live in a very shaded area. Our property is surrounded by trees, so the kids have plenty of shade to cool off when the sun is hot. If you don’t have the luxury of lots of trees on your land, consider purchasing a large, good outdoor umbrella to use for shade. You and your kids can all enjoy the shade of the umbrella and have fun while you do it!

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  • Ice Cold Lemonade – My kids love lemonade, so I always make sure to have plenty of it in the fridge for them. Encourage them to share the love with others and build their entrepreneurial skills while they do it by starting a lemonade stand. They’ll make a few dollars and help others cool off this summer too!
  • Invest in a Portable Fan – If you really want to beat the heat and you’re running out of ideas, opt for a portable fan. Whether it clips to your baseball cap, or you just carry it around with you while you’re outside, a portable fan is a sure way to beat the heat all summer long.

Be sure to stay hydrated no matter what all summer long. It’s the best way to keep you cool and your body feeling refreshed. But, what other tips do you have to beat the heat during the summer? I’d love to hear them! Share them in the comments below.