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Eco-Friendly Solutions For Your Kitchen

It is high time that we start making every little effort that we can in a bid to save our nature and getting organic is surely the first step towards this goal. Even small changes that we make in our habits can play an important role in saving nature. Look around your house and you can easily find several areas where you can help nature. Start with your kitchen and incorporate these small eco-friendly yet stylish changes in it:

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1. Use bamboo: Most of us believe bamboo just to be a grass used to make houses in rural areas but what you may not be aware of is that it can be and is in fact used to make cutting boards, serving utensils, salad bowls and even disposable utensils like plates. Bamboo is cheap, natural and much more durable than other traditional materials. You can also display them in shelves to give a nice look to your kitchen.

2. Invest in some glassware: No house can do away without glassware. Crockery, wine glasses, dishware all are made of glass. Surely glass is a recyclable material which makes it a perfect choice for kitchen ware. However all glass are not recyclable as a variety of glass has lead component in it. So when you are striving to make your kitchen eco-friendly, look for lead free glass while you shop for your kitchenware. In fact you can use your creativity to chalk out beautiful decorative pieces from empty wine bottles.

3. Avoid disposable stuff: Any stuff that is just for a single use is worth discarding from your list. This includes paper plates and other single use utensils. Even plastic utensils are not very eco-friendly as plastic is not recyclable. In case you choose plastic as your material, look for recyclable plastic that is not only washable but also extremely durable. Replace the paper bags that you use to carry your lunch with a plastic lunch box. You can also bring a stylish Barbie lunchbox for your little girl to take her school. She will surely enjoy eating in it and might influence other to follow.

4. Stylish table linens: Tablecloth or napkins are another aspect of your kitchen that can be turned eco -friendly. Prefer table cloth made up of materials such as undyed cotton, humane silk or hemp which are not only organic but can bring a new aura of colors and designs to your dining table. Organic napkins are also healthier than normal napkins which may contain pesticides.

5. Increase reusable supplies: Disposable items are no doubt more painful on your pocket and this is just another reason to dump them. Go for washable kitchen supplies which are reusable. A small example would be carrying your own water bottle instead of fetching one from the market. Using cloth towels in place of paper napkins is another small step that you can take. Just wash them and they are ready to be used again. You can in fact use eco-friendly coffee filters that will also absorb some of the coffee acids and improve its taste.

Always remember that it took several years for the tree to grow up and it was cut just to make paper for you.

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