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Eco-Friendly Tips for Halloween

Halloween often feels like the throw-away holiday. A lot of trash is generated from this celebration as we buy poorly constructed costumes, individually wrapped candy and lots of cheap pumpkin shaped plastic buckets. Do you want to celebrate this holiday without adding trash to the already overburdened planet?  Here are a couple of tips:

Host a Halloween Costume Swap


Invite your friends and neighbors to a Halloween costume swap. Host a small gathering at your house and ask everyone to bring previously worn costumes of all sizes. Halloween costumes tend to stay in good shape as they are worn for such a short period of time. In this case, why buy something new when you can swap or borrow something for free? This is not only the most eco-friendly option, but also the cheapest. New costumes are quite pricey. It’s tough to beat free!

Use Items You Already Own


If a Halloween costume swap doesn’t yield a new costume try raiding your own closet for ideas. Check out DIY costumes on Pinterest or even scroll through handmade options on Etsy. You are bound to discover a few outfits you can construct using clothing and accessories you already own. Do you have a flannel shirt and overalls hanging in your closet? If so, you can easily dress as a lumberjack. If you can dig up an old tie-dye shirt and bandana you can dress as a hippie. Do you have a long black dress? Add a pointed hat and you can dress as a witch.

Avoid Rubber Masks and Store Bought Face Paint


Before purchasing rubber masks and thick face paint look in your own beauty drawer for makeup that can be worn on Halloween night. You can also search for make-your-own face paint recipes online. All you need is a little cornstarch, flour, honey, water and food coloring. If you like to bake you probably already have a pantry full of these ingredients on-hand. This method is not only safer, but a whole lot cheaper too!

Use Natural Decorations


A lot of Halloween decorations are constructed from cheap plastic. Rather than heading to the party store, opt for making your own Halloween displays out of newspapers and cardboard boxes. You can find tons of kid-friendly ideas on Pinterest. If you aren’t the crafty type opt for decorating your house with items from nature. Make a centerpiece for your table from fallen leaves and acorns or fill bowls with tiny pumpkins and colorful gourds.

Carve Those Pumpkins


Speaking of keeping things natural, if you want to celebrate an eco-friendly Halloween you’ll want to carve your pumpkin. Carved pumpkins can be composted after use, which is not the case for those pumpkins covered in stickers and paint.

With a few simple changes you can celebrate an eco-friendly Halloween. You will feel better about doing your part to save the earth and you’ll simultaneously save money too!