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Education-Focused Back to School Gadgets

When I was a kid, we looked forward to going Back to School shopping for handheld calculators, alarm clocks for school’s early wake-up times, and of course – brand new pencils (pencil sharpener sold separately). Do you remember begging your parents for the 24-pack of gel pens and the notebook with black paper? Well, fellow millennial parents… Back to School shopping has officially changed.

Form and function have blended so much that everything useful is also really cool. Sometimes, it’s even fashionable! Take a look at some of the coolest Back to School technology & gadgets we found around the web:

Cool & Useful Back to School Gadgets

You might have thought that your 3-ring binder was cool, but now a watch can do everything your binder could – that’s why they’re called SmartWatches. Now your kids can get their reminders to go to football and piano practice in a place that it’ll be tough to ignore and almost impossible to forget – their wrist!


Linsay Executive EX-5L 8GB SmartWatch

You might be used to the very fancy version of the SmartWatch for adults. These are different, they’re for kids! Not only do they come equipped with a phone pick-up, address book, and sleep monitor – they also have a fun selfie camera, radio tuner, and pedometer!

Finally, they can stop stealing your iPad because there are educational kids’ tablets that are loaded up with fun and useful apps!

nabi-2-Tablet-e1470992646692nabi 2 Tablet

This kids’ tablet runs on the Android platform, but has been totally revamped for younger users. There are tons of educational resources loaded onto this tablet, as well as a program that rewards kids for learning and includes a motivating game component! The more they learn, the more “coins” they earn to spend on mobile apps that are curated for ages Preschool-3rd grade! There is also a camera and connects via Bluetooth and Wifi.

This tablet, as well as the Smart Watch above are from Toys’r’Us to be sure to check if we have any Toys R Us coupons so you can add some extra savings to your purchase!

We live in a digital age, so be sure you send your kids to school with at least one of these USB storage drives.

Lexar 8G USB Drives 4 PackLexar JumpDrive S50 8G 4-Pack

Our generation relied on college-ruled paper and the right type of pencil, but today’s kids are bringing presentations and papers to school on USB drives. Everything is digital, remember?! Each one of these flash drives, aka jump drives, hold 8G of data. All of the presentation slideshows, reports, and homework documents your kids create can go right onto one of these. No more “lost assignment” complaints! You can pick up this four-pack at Staples, and we’ve got Staples promo codes!

Last but not least, you’re going to need power banks or USB charging hub.

Atomi Trade Charge Card Battery Bank

Atomi Charge Card Portable Battery Bank

The kids won’t be able to use any of these cool, Back to School tech gadgets if they aren’t charged up! Having a power bank or multi-USB charging station ensures that your kids will have always have a way to contact you. You never know, they might even pick up the phone when you call, too! See if you can’t pick up a few for the family with discounts at Bed Bath and Beyond.

These four tech gadgets will make your Back to School shopping a piece of cake! Order these offline and by the time they arrive, your kiddos will have everything they need to be successful at their next year of school. Leave your favorite tech gadgets in the comments!