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End of Summer Activities! 7 Ways to Enjoy the End

Sure, the kiddos are going back to school and you’re currently shopping for fall boots, but wait! It’s not over. Why should we rush out to buy scarecrows, mums, and pumpkins spiced anything?! This week after school, or next weekend try these activities to keep your kids outside, in the sunshine. If you squeeze out every moment, the “winter” won’t feel so long and you’ll be ready for fire places instead of water views.

1. Go to the beach. 

Public beaches are no longer charging for admission or parking. Plus, the reality is that most people are done with the beach. If you go now, your kids will have the run of the beach, or you will have some peace and quiet. The water is still warm, but the sun is not as strong so you can worry less about getting a sunburn in your first fifteen minutes. Once the water does cool down, the kids will still enjoy the sand and dipping their feet for a thrill. Be aware fo the lack of lifeguards, but take advantage of warm water and cool nights!

2. Get to the amusement park. 

It’s now post-season. This is the perfect time to score a deal, and avoid the crowds. And if you wait one more week, the heat will die down so you can actually enjoy yourself! If it’s hot and humid where you live, go in the late afternoon, when the air becomes just crisp enough to enjoy the wind blowing in your hair on that rollercoaster.

3. Go on a last minute getaway. 

We know, we sound like a broken record, but you’ll score the best deal and avoid tourist crowds at beach towns. Check out last minute deals for places like Cape Cod, Rhode Island, or your local beach town. Rent a house for the weekend or score a deeply discounted hotel.

4. Go Berry Picking

There is plenty still in season, like strawberries and blueberries. You’ll also catch peaches, pears, and some apples at this time of year. It’s a great opportunity for a great Christmas card picture, too.

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5. Visit your local farmer’s market. 

You’ll miss it when you don’t have it. Take as much advantage as you can of locally grown, native foods. Get creative with your salads, stuff yourself with corn, buy lots of berries, and make a pie, try a kale shake, etc. The market is generally cheaper and definitely fresher than the grocery store.

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6. Take out the sprinkler and Slip n’ Slide. 

Let your kids cool off in the yard for as long as you can. Pretty soon they’ll be sledding instead. If you have a pool, wait a few extra weeks to cover it. Don’t clean out your garage yet to get rid of summer stuff!

7. Dine out.

Literally. Find a romantic restaurant that allows you to dine al fresco. Bonus points for a water view! The nights are cooler, which means less bug and comfortable dining. Don’t put that cute little sundress away just yet!

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