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Engage with Straight Talk and save a lot of $ on your phone bill

In a world of modern communications, like the one we are living in, everyone you need could be easily found by just dialling his phone number. So we come to the conclusion that mobile phones are a necessity these days. In every country we all know that GSM operators make the highest profits. This market is simply flooded with products of any kind, which are widely accepted by all people. I was searching for a cheap phone and ran onto this deal by Straight Talk, in which every user gets a free phone. Check it out, maybe you will find it useful.


Get a free LG 420G mobile phone

So folks, as I was looking for offers on different websites, there was this offer on Straight Talk that I simply couldn’t afford missing. They gave away free LG 420G mobile phone without any fees and contracts with them. It sounded interesting so I started searching for additional information about the offer. Straight Talk offered every customer a free LG 420G phone when a customer buys their All You Need Bundle. With this bundle every customer receives a monthly plan containing 100 minutes of free calls, 1000 text messages to any network in the country, 30 MB of data transfer, and also the calls to 411 are not charged at all. Pretty amazing you must admit. I couldn’t find any offer similar to this one. So the only thing I had to do is to see the technical specifications of the phone offered. If you agree and want to buy this All You Need Bundle, just check out Straight Talk web store and activate the deal that says Free phone. The phone will be shipped to your home address, of course without any additional charges. The best thing about Straight Talk is that there are no contracting and hidden fees, and they cover all USA with their GSM signal. In case you are not satisfied with this offer, you have a 100% money return in 30 days.

LG 420G technical specifications

Because of the fact that the offer was excellent, I made up my mind and decided to buy it, but there was something that wanted me to check out the technical specifications of the phone. The LG 420G is a phone which doesn’t have any operating system. I used LG before so I knew that LG is a reputable company that announces only good products. Because this phone was for my little son, it was definitely the best solution. 1000 free minutes and a free phone is the offer that you must not miss. The phone comes with two displays, one main and the other one is on the front and only tells the time and the date. It is a flip phone which can stand up to 7 hours of full time talk, and 23 days in standby mode. It runs on 2G and 3G networks and supports only EDGE network connectivity. The camera is 0.3 MP which I think is enough if he wants to take pictures. It also supports MMS. As overall conclusion, it is a pretty good deal, if you want to keep track of your kids.

$30 All You Need Straight Talk plan

Other deals from Straight Talk

If you are tired of all those unanswered complaints you have sent to AT&T, Verizon or other provider, it is time to move to Straight Talk. This company always surprises its customers and that is definitely the case with the deal, where Straight Talk offers Unlimited Calls, text messages and data transfer for one month. This deal costs only $45 and you can continue using it as long as you want. There are no obligation fees. Every cell phone you are using currently supports Straight Talk SIM cards. The other deal that shouldn’t be missed is the famous and definitely the lowest calling plan on the planet. Just for $15 a month for unlimited calling everywhere across USA, or you can buy the service that offers $30 for Unlimited International calling, where you can call more than 1000 destinations.