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Epitomize grotesqueness This Halloween by Buying Top 10 Halloween Gross Candies

What’s the best way to win over kids? Appeal to their love for candies and their craze for all things disgusting!This Halloween, along with some amazing costumes and décor, woo the kids with the Halloween gross candies that you can find. Keep reading to find the best gross stuff that you can find on the market this Halloween season. Just keep in mind that it’s not skeletons or worms that gross kids out now. Its more poop and vomit and maggots! Yes, that’s gross!

Halloween candies

a. Gummy candy bandages
It’s a gummy treat in the form of a bandage with a smattering of red jelly on it, impersonating blood. It sticks also. So your kid can just pretend to peel it off and eat it! Awesome!

b. Gummy ear wax
They are chewy gummy pieces with a lemony flavor. They look and feel like ear wax but taste great.

c. Gummy boogers
You have probably spent a lifetime teaching kids to blow their noses politely and not leave snot stuck to places around the house. This box of gummy boogers looks like real stuff from the nose. You will keep guessing and they are edible! And just the manufacturer’s sense of humor, they are a little salty in taste too.

d. Zit poppers
Forever you have been telling your teen to not touch those pimples or scab them. Well this is their chance to burst as many as they want. They are probably the biggest zits that you have seen. And they are filled with icky, sticky, thick colored fluid. Watermelon and strawberry are the preferred flavors by most kids.

e. Candy blood bags
These are the vampire inspired items. Red cherry juice in plastic bags with a straw, they look just like the real stuff.

f. Chocolate dipped insects
Gummy shaped into insects like grubs, cockroaches or grasshoppers are dipped into some gooey chocolate stuff and gobbled. Trust us, they taste great! And they are gross too. Kids love this stuff.

g. Witch finger lollipops
Witch fingers, long and dirty, garbage green in color with nails in hideous colors, taste great! Just suck them all the way and get a green colored tongue and a lingering taste in your mouth. For really small kids, this way they will never be scared of witches!

h. Sour flush toilet candy
The toilet is full of powdered sugar. Dip a brown gummy stick into it and see how gross it looks. The final taste is slightly sugary and sour. As the sugar sticks to the gummy stick, the toilet is unclogged!

i. Scorpion suckers and chocolate covered bugs
The name is self explanatory. They are lollipops that have scorpions and bugs in them, of course made of jelly.

j. Nose hose
The grossest on our list is this! Put it on your face and slime drips out of it. Kids actually put out their tongue to taste the sweet tasting slime!
There are more available, but these made our list. In addition to that, you can also search online to use Halloween coupons and deals to buy those candies, which can save you some amount of money.  You can also create some candy poopers yourself by using your creativity! Your kids will love it anyway!