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Escape the Summer Heat with These Fun, Indoor Excursions

It’s tough to go outside when the temperatures peak this time of year. Sometimes it’s just too hot to take the kids to the playground or even send them out into the backyard. At the same time it can be tough to stay inside all day. Even with your own air conditioning cranked up kids can get a bit stir crazy. So how can you beat the heat on those super hot days? Get out of the house with one of these fun excursions.

The Movies

How many times have you found yourself wearing a sweater or sweatshirt to the movie theater? This summer watch a blockbuster while relaxing in comfy seats surrounded by cold air. Before you leave the house scope out ticket prices for discounted matinees. Not only are these tickets typically the cheapest, but you’ll also beat the heat during the hottest part of the day. Find additional ticket savings at Fandango.


In order to keep all of those exhibits in near perfect condition museums regulate temperatures and pump up the AC on particularly hot days. Venture out of the house and spend the day discovering new artists, learning about history or tinkering with fascinating science experiments. You can find a plethora of discounted museum options and tickets at Groupon.

The Library

The library is the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon. Browse the books, lounge back in a comfy chair and read. If you have young kids check out children’s programs at your local branch. Most locations host story hours for specific age ranges and kids as young as six months can participate. The library is the cheapest option to beat the heat, as it won’t cost you a dime to read or check out books there.

The Mall

The mall can be a tricky place to spend an afternoon. While you can certainly beat the heat in an air-conditioned environment you might not want to spend all your money on unexpected and unplanned purchases. If you head to the mall, create a plan of action in advance. Come up with a list of activities that don’t require you to spend any money. Instead plan to walk the mall for exercise, people watch from a comfy bench or bring a deck of cards so you can play go fish in the eatery.

The Bowling Alley

Cool off on a hot afternoon with a trip to the air conditioned bowling alley. Spend the day knocking down pins and competing for the best score. Stop after a few rounds and order a greasy pizza or some other fun bowling alley snack. Hit up the arcade games if your location has them or plunk a few quarters in the gumball machines. Bowling can be a relatively inexpensive venture, especially if you register in advance with Kids Bowl Free. The program allows registered children to play two free games at select bowling alleys all summer long!

This summer don’t let the heat get you down. Search for fun, indoor excursions that will keep you and your kids entertained.