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Ethical and Affordable Beach Fashion

If you’re headed to the beach this summer, you’re likely stocking up on gear. Before you go with an ultra-cheap big box store for your beach style needs, we’d encourage you to check out an affordable, yet ethical brand: Ivory Ella.

Ivory  Ella donates 10% of their net profit from every purchase to So fat they’ve raised over $1.2 million!

Right now they also have a special going on for 15% off your purchase of $50 or more, making this an opportune time to make a difference for both the elephants and your budget.

Here are some of our favorite picks from their beach line.

Blue & White Beach Towel

This isn’t just any beach towel. Made of terry cloth, it’s super soft and super absorbent, making it great for lying out or drying off after catching some waves. It’s big, too, at 5ft by almost 3ft, so you won’t be struggling to keep off the sand.

Green Flip Flops

We heart these green flip flops. They’re cushy, keeping your feet comfortable all day, and the straps are actually soft, preventing blisters. Because blisters + salt water = no fun.

While we’re partial to green, they also come in navy blue and red.

Coral Reef Beach Coverup

Terry cloth isn’t just good for towels—it’s great for beach coverups, too! Super soft and apt to wick away moisture, this cute coverup is perfect for those moments when you’re in a suit

Coral Reef Tie-Dye Tank Dress

Looking for something a little bit lighter? Why terry cloth isn’t likely to make you sweat hardcore, this light tie-dye dress can serve as a coverup, as well. Or, you could wear it out as a normal dress as you go shopping or as you’re in search of that perfect restaurant.


Perfect Fit Ocean Flip Flops Tee

When you’re done at the shore, you might be headed out to catch some eats at that phenomenal, non-chain seafood restaurant a few blocks up. To do that, though, you’ll need to be dressed.

For those occasions, we’re crushing on this Ivory Ella tee. It’s cut to fit right, celebrates the laid back vibe of the beach and helps stop elephant poachers.

We have a win, win, win situation on our hands, here.

Seamist Loop Terry Short

These shorts are so versatile, you’ll have a hard time not being obsessed with them. You can wear them as a cover up at the beach, wear them as something comfy to chill in back at the condo, or wear them with your Perfect Fit Ocean Flip Flops Tee when you go out to eat some lobster.

Red & Navy Beach Tote

Need somewhere to store all these clothes? And your smart phone? And the sun tan lotion? And your wallet? And the kids’ beach toys? And your hairbrush? And…well, you get the idea.

Whatever you need to bring for your day of sun and waves, odds are it’s going to fit into this oversized tote. Protect your stuff from sun and sand while staying in style.