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Everything You Need for the Ultimate Labor Day Weekend BBQ


If you enjoy hosting parties, you’ll definitely want to host a get-together for Labor Day. Most offices are closed and schools are out for the holiday, so it’s a great time to pick a day over the long weekend to invite some friends over that you may not have seen for a while. Everyone loves a good BBQ, and even if you plan to have your guests stay outside for the big bash, you’ll probably still want to do some sprucing up inside, as well. Guests love to tour homes of family and friends, so you’ll want to make it look as nice as possible.


Set the stage. Whether you’re going to be dining on the porch, deck or patio, make sure your outdoor dining space is up to par. Save up to 50% off on furniture at Joss and Main in their Labor Day furniture sale. Offer your guests a spacious table to enjoy their drinks and meals at. An umbrella in the middle of the table will offer welcome shade on a sunny day. Add cushions to dining chairs to make them even more comfortable. A comfortable seating area will encourage guests to linger over their meal and conversations. Having a separate table for young children is a great way to allow the adults to enjoy adult conversation, and to keep the kids from getting bored. Set up a kids picnic table, or spread of picnic blankets for the kids to lounge on.

ice bucket

Keep the drinks cool & keep ’em comin’. Everyone likes to attend a party where it’s easy to serve yourself and not have to ask for a beverage or where to find one. Setting up a drink station allows your guests to grab a drink themselves, whenever they’re ready for one. No one likes a bottle of pop or beer that’s become warm, so keep drink bottles cool by putting them on ice. You can find a great deal on a party tub set at Bed Bath and Beyond. Don’t forget to have a separate drink container filled with drinks for the kids and for those who may not wish to consume alcoholic beverages. Sparkling water, sodas and bottled water are appropriate choices for a Labor Day Weekend BBQ Bash.


Serve it up & keep it fun. Choose bright and vibrant serving pieces to catch everyone’s eye at the BBQ. If you’re serving hamburgers, hotdogs or kabobs, you’ll need large serving platters with plenty of space to add more food for the taking. Melamine platters are the perfect choice for serving, as they come in all sizes and in many fun designs and patterns. If you need to carry a lot of food at once, look for platters or trays with handles, which are easier to transport from place to place.


Every BBQ master has to have a handsome grill to cook on. A grill isn’t only great for grilling delicious meats, veggies, and desserts, a grill is often a conversation piece among grill enthusiasts. Choose a grill you’ll be proud to cook on and enjoy showing to your guests. Your friends may gather around the grill master as they do what they do best- grill a delicious meal to be enjoyed. If you’re a professional griller, go with a grill that can handle it all! If you’re a beginner, a simple and sleek design that is easy to use would be the best way to go. Don’t forget to purchase a grill cover to protect your grill from the elements when it’s not in use.


Light it up. No need for the party to end when the sun goes down. Take your pick of solar-powered party lights and decorate your BBQ space. Use decorative string lights to add a touch of playful whimsy to the atmosphere. You can also add lanterns and torches around your deck, patio and yard to create a fun nighttime glow. Purchase glow sticks and necklaces for the children attending the party. They’ll love waving them around and watching them glow under the stars.

With such a successful party, you might just start a new annual tradition!