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Everything You Need in Fashion for The Fall

Furs, furs, and furs we say (we support fur imitation)! This fall is full or print, bold colors and a lot of arrr, FUR!

We have glanced at the Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan magazines, we have hit the streets of New York and we have come up with the top 10 “must haves” for this fall season.

Ready to see the latest’s trends?

#10 Our editor couldn’t be more excited about this slick and contemporary Indiana Jones hat. Hats and thick wool sweaters are essential this fall. If you want to add an extra touch, match it with a colorful print scarf to show contrast between articles.

We were not lying when we said FUR. This fall promises to keep you looking fresh and chic with pastel or bold fur colors to say warm. Colors in between seem to be no no’s this fall according to the runway.



#9 Hit the park or a bar with this hip and classy unassembled. It’s a must to get a open arm wool poncho and red wine leather pants this fall. Have you checked this on your list?


#8 The highlight of this fabulous fall style is the booties. This fall is all about booties whether out for a casual setting or in at a fancy restaurant. Do you have these yet? The nest item will explain why this outfit so the perfect example of what’s trending this fall.


#7 The next item on our list is print. Bold, big and bright. These prints were some of the hits for this fall with acute reds and oranges. Did we forget to mention the turtlenecks? We guess history does repeat itself became they are back!

fall fashion

#6 It’s a combination of fur and coats. Can’t go wrong with a short jacket, a long coat, or a fur cover. Any of these will keep you warm and in style.


# 5 May we say more. GET GREEN.

go green

# 4 Like we said before, bold oranges as a long skirt or a tote, is the best way to match up your outfits to busy nights out.

blod orange

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#3 Make sure you don’t forget to shop for furs. Did we say furs? What we meant is…FURS.


NOTE: PromosPro supports animal rights and does not represent any merchandize with real fur. Please be advised that all our recommendations are based on fur imitation.


H&M has the best sales for furs. Here are some H&M savings you can use when you are ready to shop and save.


#2 Not only GREEN is in fashion this fall but also green on everything: jewelry, dresses and coats. Use our JollyChic coupon codes to save on some green accessories.

green accessories

#1 BOOTIES. This fall is all about comfort with style. Here are some great savings from our promospro Nordstrom specials.


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So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our PromosPro special savings and prepare your closet for this FALL.

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