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We need food to live. But in some cases, people live so they can have their yummilicious food. There would be many foodies among us who love food and everything, however important or insignificant, ends up on a platter for them. They plan their lunch menu before they wrap up with the breakfast. Yes, you can relate to them, right? You know someone like that

But what if we tell you that this love for food can now materialize in a healthier manner? Would it not be a great move, if this ‘healthy food’ can reach your kitchen in just about half the price? has brought its very own cookery books for you, and at an incredible discount. You may now avail 49% discount when purchasing a cookbook at!

If you have kids, cakes, fondues, muffins, doughnuts and pies would be common entrants in your home. But you can cook these up and save big bucks from now on, with a stock of these cookery books in your home. Learn the seemingly-difficult recipes and make your kids go bonkers with a surprise dish cooked by your hands!

You may now quickly conjure up your husband’s favourite stew, soups and desserts without having to borrow his laptop to find online recipes, or ordering from outside. Cook them with your hands and surprise him.

Also, the website has let out its special segment book for the 49% discount. If you are cooking for a diabetic person who keeps a blue tooth, it is not necessary for you to tell him to curb the craving all the time. It is fine, once in a while, to let him indulge in his passion, though you cannot risk his sugar level for the sake of craving. Thus, you may pick up any one of the vast collection of diabetes-friendly desserts and sprinkle your magic in the kitchen.

In the age of health-conscious foodies, to help the paradox to make some sense, has its own set of diet recipes that sport some low calorie dishes, thus saving you the pains of having to worry later. Isn’t that amazing now?

Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, diet food, seafood- you just have to name it and will place a book before you. And what can be better for a foodie, or a family mom, than a cookery book for about half its price?