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Exciting Winter Activities

Living on a lake in upstate New York in winter is exciting. As soon as the lake freezes over, you can count on the ice skating, ice fishing and ice hockey to begin. If  you live somewhere that gets cold during the winter, it is best to embrace winter activities and sports, or you may be miserable.

That means getting excited, even if you have to fake it a bit, about all the fun and exciting winter activities you can enjoy! So, if you are feeling sorry for yourself about living in a winter wonderland, let me try to make you feel better with some great winter activities you can enjoy with your family.


Ice skating is something many families enjoy doing in winter, Do a little inquiring locally and I am sure you will find some ponds, lakes or outdoor rinks that are safe and open for skating. If you are skating on a lake or pond, make sure the ice is thick enough and that you have permission to skate on it.


Even the littlest ones can get in on the action with double runner skates. I actually think they should make them in adult sizes, many more people would take to the ice without fear of falling. You can find skates of all kinds at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Whether you need double runners, figure skates or hockey skates and supplies, they have it all!


Do you like ice fishing? Ice fishing is a fun sport and my kids loved it! It is really nice to do with a group of people and make a day of it. Have lots of hot cocoa and snacks, a warming hut if possible, build a fire on the shore and dress warm. Some essential equipment you will need will be tip ups, augers to cut the ice and of course bait. You can all of that and more at sporting goods stores like Bass Pro Shops.


Sledding and Tubing is something everyone can do almost anywhere. Whether you take to a hill in your own yard, a famous sledding hill in the area or a nearby ski resort that offers snow tubing get set for serious fun! If you are going to a resort, they should supply all the tubes but if you are doing it on your own, check out stores like for sleds and snow tubes.


Snowboarding and Skiing is fun for the whole family. Whether you go on a day trip to nearby ski area or escape for a weekend up north, you are sure to make some great memories. If you are looking for ski jackets, gloves, skis and more, check out


You just might have so much fun this winter, you will be sad to see it end!